ADN New grad. Everything is BSN preferred.

  1. I've been applying to different intern programs but it seems like everything I look at says BSN preferred or required. You get to the application and it asks if you will have your BSN and if you say no I feel like it just throws it all in the trash. When I started the ADN program i did it because it was cheaper and I could work while I got my BSN. I just want to know if it's still possible to get a good job with an ADN in a big city or if you just don't have as many options as you used to. Any advice would be great. Also any recommendations on specific hospitals where you can get good experience, pay, and live in a good community with an ADN would be helpful. Any where in the US. I'll move if I have to I just want to go somewhere and stay.
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  3. by   hardworkinmama
    I feel your pain! Best of luck to us both.
  4. by   RNitis
    Same here, in CT. Looking for a position since I got licensed in Nov 2010...
  5. by   CP2013
    Big city? Maybe not. A lot of big cities are pumping out those precious BSN grads. Try more rural settings where they are eager for ADN grads. There are some places that still give a sign on bonus for new grads with an ADN!!! But those are more rural settings 1-2 hours outside of the big city.

    Good luck!!!
  6. by   samirae7888
    I moved from ma to sc to be hired as an ADN. The hospital is still hiring ADNs however are requiring a BSN program to be started within 6 months. It's a smaller community hospital but I live in a beautiful coastal town and can't complain. Look up Beaufort memorial hospital in Beaufort Sc (not nc...yes, there is a Beaufort in nc too). Lots of listings!
  7. by   HouTx
    I don't have anything to add that the PPs haven't already said. It just chaps my hide that so many new grads are in she same position. It would seem that schools should do a better job of informing potential students about the realities of nursing practice these days.

    One of the main things that has kept me out of academia is their veeeerrrryyy slow pace of change; it takes them forever to react even when the need for change is obvious to the rest of the world. I know that academia has debated the "BSN entry into RN practice" issue for decades - so maybe they just failed to recognize how rapidly employers were making this shift. But they should know by now that it is not just a blip.. it is here to stay and incoming students need to be informed before they make such a huge commitment to the program. I'm not saying we could have avoided this train wreck . . just avoided breaking the heart of a few grads like the OP.
  8. by   kguill975
    Here's some advice, while you're looking for that ADN position, go back to that same CC that you got your degree from, and enroll in a pre-req for your BSN. That way, when you apply for those positions, you can honestly answer that in 2015, you'll be a BSN graduate. Be proactive, and don't give up. Good luck to you!
  9. by   sbostonRN
    I am an ADN grad too, and I was able to find work in a nursing home (on a skilled floor) and in a LTAC. Try LTAC or Rehab hospitals, they hire ADN grads quite often. Many others in my class found jobs in outpatient, private duty or home health. It's very hard to land that first RN job so be open to stepping outside the box and work evening or night shift.

    I am planning to enroll in a BSN program in the fall. 2 years after graduation. Take my advice - don't wait if you can help it! It's much easier to go back for it while you're still in the school groove.