ADN interviewing at magnet hospital?

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    So I graduated this past December with me ADN. I plan on returning in April for my bsn. I got a phone call for an interview in Baltimore at a magnet status hospital. (I'm currently in New Jersey and will be relocating to maryland in late February after boards. The hospital is aware of all of this). Do I have a chance at the job being I'm an ADN and its a magnet hospital?

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    Yes! I'm an ADN and will be starting my first job at a magnet hospital (in pa) next month. While it may not be the "norm" in this economy and job market, it is certainly doable.

    Best of luck!
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    You may very well get it! If they had no intention on hiring an ADN they wouldn't bother interviewing you! Magnet is 80/20...hopefully you'll be part of the 20
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    You do have a chance: Magnet doesn't necessarily mean "BSN only."

    Best of luck!

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