Acute VS homecare

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    I am wondering if anyone has some advice for me. I have always been so nervous of working in a hospital, I find it very stressful, and I am scared that I will make a mistake and harm a patient unintentionally, however I also feel the need to face my fears, and I like the idea of working in a hospital, being on my feet and looking after patients and learning. So currently I work in the office at a home care company doing scheduling and client care co-ordinating with some RN work in the community. The benefits and salary will be better in a hospital and I will get experience....and I will have more opportunity for growth and a more social working environment. So in terms of pros and cons the hospital wins. BUT what happens if I totally hate it? Oh decisions!!!

    I am in BC Canada.

    Any advice?

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    Home Care is much "scarier" in terms of the level of accountability and back-up support available. In a hospital, you'll always have resources, including someone who can help you with things you don't know as well as much greater likelihood of someone catching any mistakes you make (before they harm a patient). Not the case in home care.

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