2 year hiatus and going back to acute care!

  1. Hi allnurses,
    I am an RN and have been for 5 years.When I graduated in 2008 I worked at a hospital for 2 months and quit.Absolutely hated it! Went to a nursing home for awhile and gained some experience. After that went back to a hospital for 1 1/2 and quit. Absolutely hated it! Well its been 2 years since ive worked in a hospital. Been doing long term care,home health,agency. After all this ive found a hospital is the best place for a RN to be. All the other jobs are not as professional and the benefits are not up to par. As im approching my 30's things such as benefits,401k and a pention is important to me. Im nervous as hell to go back to a hospital cause ive been gone so long.Dont want to be incompetent. I have forgotten a lot of things. But this is the best place for me to continue to grow as a professional and get the compensation I deserve. Well thanks for listening!
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  3. by   HouTx
    Are you a BSN? If not, you may discover that the hospital hiring climate has changed. Be prepared to deal with a higher workload & more paperwork than before. You do have fairly recent acute care experience and this is a real asset. I would suggest focusing your efforts on jobs in the area you worked in before.

    Question - do you think your new awareness of the 'big picture' will make you more satisfied with a hospital job? If not, is it really worth it to just put yourself into another situation that will cause you to be miserable?