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I am pondering going to Carrington College's two-year ASN programme that will make me eligible for RN licensure. It is not accredited by NLNAC (LPN programme is, RN candidacy ends 2012 - hope it gets... Read More

  1. by   uRabbit
    Found a couple positions like that. I could try applying to one of those.
  2. by   rella23
    Just in case anyone else is looking for this info. The Carrington program requires you to finish your LPN and work as an LPN before starting the RN bridge. So everyone has expereince when they graduate. Most people work as LPNs while in the program. You are not going to get rich as an LPN but you'll make twice minimum wage.

    The program is accredited, but it is still in candidate status for the NLNAC NLNAC Candidates This is the same status as the CWI program. You may not get a job at St Lukes or St Als right out of school, but there are plenty of other places you can work. Working in long-term-care, a rehab hospital, or home care for a year or two while you finish your BSN online is much better than making a third the pay and not getting any experience for the five years it would take to finish many other programs.
  3. by   GFocker92
    From what I've seen about 50% of new graduates can't find jobs. And please don't respond saying something like "you're not trying hard enough, you need more credentials, etc." I spend day in/day out looking for jobs, networking, visiting HR, etc. I have an M.A. in Psychology from Columbia University, worked in a psych ER, managed a nursing station, was a volunteer and paid EMT for 3 years, I tutored in A&P since I got a 105%, 3.9 GPA in nursing school, practicum in the ICU, picked up ACLS and PALS, and hospitals simply DON'T CARE AT ALL if you don't have experience. The fact is, hospitals don't want anything to do with new graduates unless they're SPECIFICALLY posting jobs for them or nurse residencies. However, maybe by the time you're done the economy will be doing better. Good luck!
  4. by   CrunchRN
    1. 45k for an ASN is insanity.
    2. Attending a non-accredited school is nuts.

    Please re-think your plan. It may take longer to get in at an accredited community college, but that school debt will follow you around for a long time.