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Elderly Abuse Mandatory Reporting

  1. 0 What is the law in Western Australia pertaining Elderly Abuse?.What happens if i dont report a case?
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    It depends on who you suspect of the abuse and where the person you suspect is being abused lives. Personally speaking you have a moral obligation not to mention a duty of care. If the person lives in a residential care facility then there are mandatory requirements.
    You need to speak to your manager /educator for education on mandatory reporting requirements

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    Mandatory reporting is mandatory for all health professionals working anywhere with Older persons. Whether it is visiting them in their homes, PAG groups, aged care centre etc etc.

    It is a massive problem out there, due to the way the Australia government funds aged care and carers, pensions, there is no checking that this is not being abused. ie - older persons pension used to fund family, carer pension - not really caring for the person, older person really needs to be in care - but their money funds family members.