Anyone studying at UTAS in sydney? Anyone studying at UTAS in sydney? | allnurses

Anyone studying at UTAS in sydney?

  1. 0 Hi all, Ive been accepted into utas sydney campus an was just wondering has anyone studied there or know of anyone? Whats it like? Are the lectures via sat or in class?? Im excited to begin the transition from EEN to RN
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    i'm confused. UTAS is University of Tasmania - how is it that they have a Sydney campus?
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    ok, i googled it. that's new!

    how exciting for you!
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    I'm at UTAS in TAS! I presume you know by now that many (most!) of the lectures for the Sydney campuses are online. UTAS nursing seems to be moving more toward online delivery in general. I'm a third year student now, and almost all of the theory content is online delivered, to complement the 16 weeks prac we do. In TAS if you want to study to be a nurse you either need to move or commute to Launceston or Hobart, which puts a large section of the state in an awkward position, so as much as I personally can't stand online units, I absolutely see how it's fairer and more practical for all.

    Hope you're enjoying the course!
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    I'm third year at UTAS How are you finding the course?
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    I'm interested in this? Do they have accelerated program or credit transfer for overseas nurses?