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Hi all, Wanting to get into contact with other 2013 grads starting at RPA (or the other Sydney Local Health District hospitals!) I'm moving down from the Gold Coast for this position - can't wait... Read More

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    We do own a car, but dont tend to use it to run around locally. My husband uses it more, however, to get to RPA, I will bus. In saying that, when I did my mental health placement there in August, hubby did come and pick me up a couple of times when I did evenings.

    I would feel 100% safe to get the bus. I have caught those buses from Newtown or the city late at night before and feel fine. 2 of the routes stop a 2-5 min walk from where i live. Late at night, i do prefer the bus, rather then the train, simply because the bus stop is closer, plus, there have been issues in the past with people being followed from the station. My closest is Lewisham.

    You would want something close to the 422, 423, 426 and 428 bus routes. For grocery shopping, there are 2 main supermarkets on the main street in Newtown. There is also Marrickville Metro, which is a 10 min walk from the south end of King street, but the 355 and/or buses go straight there. You can also take the 422, 423, 426, 428, 370 buses from King Street to Broadway shopping centre which has everything, its the main centre near us.

    You could also think of Ashfield, there are buses that go straight from Ashfield and up Parramatta Road, straight past RPA. It might be a bit cheaper then Marrickville etc. They also have a big shopping centre there. Ashfield train station is a big one and also trains that stop at Newtown, stop at Ashfield. The walk from Newtown station to RPA is only 10 mins and completely safe at all times.
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    Hey Mopples, I heard about after you got your registration you are not allow to work as an AIN, I am not 100% sure tho. double check if you don't want to risk.

    All the best!
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    Thanks so much for all the info Mopples!! Really appreciate it! Will keep you updated with what I'm doing

    Tyc1115, I phoned AHPRA about 2 weeks ago and they said it's fine to work as an AIN, provided you remain within an AIN scope of practice and your employer has no issues. This is because there's no regulatory body controlling AINs. Hope this helps !
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    Has anyone received their contact?
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    Hey Mopples,

    Mine came in the post today and I know one other grad who also got theirs. Start date is officially May 13th!!
    The pack inclues - welcome letter, salary, commencement date, code of conduct, bank, tax & super details, options for salary sacrafice etc..nothing about wards which I found interesting? Perhaps that comes later seeing as I'm not in the first intake..
    Anyway, I'm sure yours is on it's way.
    I finished my degree on Friday! Very good feeling - hang in there! One semester to go.
    I've decided I'm going travelling Jan - March, then will move to Sydney in April.
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    Mallory11 aw your contract arrived in the mail? That must have been exciting! Mine was just by email...which is still exciting but not some giant envelope haha. Anyway, I know someone who started at RPA this year as a grad and she didn't find out her first ward until orientation and her second ward just before her first 6 months was up. I didn't receive any info about wards at WWBH either. Congrats on graduating
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    Hey Guys!

    Im from Victoria and recieved my contract today! I start on the 18th March!
    Getting very excited! Cant wait to meet you all next year.

    Have been told its really hard to get accomodation so Im a bit worried!

    Congrats to everyone who got the positions they wanted
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    I'm still waiting! Ran to my letterbox this afternoon, but nothing

    I already live in Sydney, in the inner west. Stacker I have put up some ideas etc around the inner west.
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    So there is a delay in the contracts for those of us who were second round offers. But, I got an email today with my start date - 12 August, with the info session on the 1st, which is going to be a slight problem as I will still be overseas. Will have to call on Monday and explain.
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    Yes contract in the mail which was quite exciting and formal, considering everything is nowadays done online!
    Ooh that'll be a problem Mopples! You have been planning that trip for a while though, maybe you can attend an earlier session? Mines April 30th! Thanks for that offer you PM'd the other day too, really appreciate that!!

    Congrats Stackers, look forward to meeting you too

    Now the hard thing..deciding on preferences for first rotation! Even though its for only 6 months and aren't guarenteed, I would like to start out somewhere I enjoy! Leaning towards cardiovascular and cancer services based on the list I got in an email today.
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    Good thought! I could see about the info session for your intake. Im going to call on Monday and ask. The holiday has been planned by my husband and a friend for about 6 months, then I tagged on about 6-8 weeks ago.

    I got my preference sheet too. One of the girls at work suggested ED, but I would rather ward experience then ED first up, especially since I don't really know what I want to do & I would rather leave it for someone who it passionate about it. I am leaning towards Bone, joint & connective tissue, then cancer, gastro, cardio, respiratory, neuro. After 3.5 years on a cardio ward, I am looking for something new.
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    My contract came it was waiting for me when I came home from Christmas away with the family.
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    That's great Mopples What wards did you end up choosing as preferences?

    I'm starting to get really nervous/excited about moving next month. I'm finding it difficult trying to find somewhere to live in central Wagga Wagga. It's so stressful when I'm still on placement and working on assignments.