Wanting to move interstate...

  1. Im looking to move interstate for a nice change and notice that there are no jobs for ENs/div2s in the acute setting in Melbourne/Victoria. Does Victoria only think ENs can work in aged care? It's a very different story in QLD with EENs being able to work almost anywhere excluding most EDs and ICUs. I am now also planning to convert to RN to expand my opportunities, can anyone recommend a good university? I notice most pathways at university only give ENs 1 year of exemption to the 3 year degree, does anyone know of a university that gives more credit for ENs? I'm fine with doing a 2 year program but if a shorter option was available I would definitely apply for it.
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  3. by   K+MgSO4
    the hospital I work in doesn't employ ENs on Surgical wards. I think that they don't in general medicine either. We do have a nursing resource team that is often used to special pts in ED and on the wards that require psych or behavioural specialling.

    Our rehab unit uses Div 2's as does theatres for scrub scout.

    Private hospitals utilise Div 2s alot more in acute care settings that public hospitals.
  4. by   Bringonthenight
    Thanks for replying! That's very interesting, perhaps I will look into the private hospitals. Although the Victorian ratio laws in the public system were what attracted me to the state! Haha.