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Hi, I am looking to migrate to Australia and/or New Zealand. The Australian cities I had in mind are Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The New Zealand cities I had in mind are Wellington and Auckland. ... Read More

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    Sorry it's taken me a bit to get back to you. Yes, I made sure to put all of my clinicals, and I even made sure to put them in my CV.

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    Bama RN...thank you for replying...really appreciate your help )
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    how long does it take to get a nursing license in Australia these days? I have u.s. nursing license and trying to move to australia please help
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    I am also planning on applying for registration in Australia. Do you know how much detail the nurses board wants when you send transcripts? Do they require that you send course outlines for each course completed? For clinical courses do they only want hours completed or details of skills used in clinical?

    Hope you can help

    I am a Canadian Registered Nurse with 2 years university from Australia and 2 years university from Canada
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    I have a question about notarizing documents. Did you all notarize every sheet you sent in or just the pages that contain signatures? I have over 50 pages to send in and at $5/page thats quite expensive!
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    You have to certify everything that's a copy. See this link. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Certifying Documents

    " Copies of documents provided in support of an application, or other purpose required by the National Law, must be certified as true copies of the original documents."

    I don't know if you've checked around, but both of my banks provided notary service free for members.
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    Hi all!

    for anyone out there in Australia on a 462 work holiday visa- what agency did you get your insurance through? I'm blindly searching google... anyone know of cheap and reliable plans? thanks!
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    Hoping to move to Australia in another year with the hubby and two kids.
    Was curious which visa you applied for? I am 34 so due to the age requirement I have to apply for permanent residence for skilled workers right? The paperwork really looks daunting!!
    Really hoping its not hard to find a job since my six years of nursing has been mostly L&D and some nursery, and only midwives work in labor in Oz :/ Will hospitals train US RN's to different positions than experienced in? Any advice?
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    Bama RN, how much experience did you have before you applied?
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    It is really difficult to get a job as a RN in NZ at the moment. Only 65% of new grad nurses this year found jobs on a new grad programme. However once you have some experience it is much easyer. To employe a forigen nurse the employer must prove that a NZ nurse isnt capable to filling the role. Hence if you have experince you will be more employable.

    Wellington is a really nice NZ City , Auckland is a city and living there you could be anywhere in the world. I would suggest Wellington is a nice choice.

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