Time to reduce 457 visa's by government

  1. The Australian government according to the victorian newspaper Herald sun has finally seen through the 457 scams and employing in skills position using the 457 visa's.
    The paper also reports that the government also recognises that 457 visa's are often going to overseas skilled people than locals (this is often by overseas born people to overseas people from same country preferences, family friends, friend of a friend, friend of auntie, mother etc etc.) and will now be clamping down on rights to sponsor.

    google": HeraldSun and click on link "Door shuts on thousands of overseas workers"
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  3. by   Butterfly_Light
    I think it's normal ... but the game has become more interesting now, mate ...
  4. by   ceridwyn
    It should not be normal, is morally currupt and abusive to the country that is now giving them the benefits of a too free'r country and all the benefits.

    This visa was brought into being to bring in skilled workers and unskilled into positions that were not being filled by a local, as there was often not enough skilled or unskilled people to fill those positions, after months of advertising and using agencies in Australia.

    Taking on family and friends and people only from a home country, above Australians or people that already have permanent residency, that have full rights to be considered for a job, is blatant racism.

    There it is out there and said, naughty me!!! and you betcha 'mate'' everyone that works in areas were many internationals are employed, knows about the 'game'' and have been too scared to do anything as when there are complaints the people who perpetrated the fraud in the first place, claim they are being racially vilified.

    So the 'normality' and the political correctness that has gone mad, that Australia is renowned for, has to stop.
    Every Australian child and student with Australian qualifications and a large student debt,and those have that have applied without bias as a permanet resident and every Australian citizen, must be considered and be assured they have a chance at getting a job before others from overseas that are no more qualified or have same experience, usually less, when it comes to nursing.

    .....good luck with your application.
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  5. by   Bama RN
    I don't blame you at all for feeling this way. I would personally feel the same way if it were done to me. Locals should be given preference over immigrants because yes, they may be looking to make a better life for themselves, but the people that are already there should not be displaced or made to suffer in order to potentially improve another's quality of life. I think immigration in general is just a big old mess in most countries, including my home country (U.S.).
  6. by   ceridwyn
    It would perfectly okay for immigrants to be considered on a par with a born citizen, after all they have gone through some scrutiny and have gone trough a non bias procedure through the immigration department, it's these 457 long term business visa.s (eventually, usually they claim pr after a time). The applicants just need a friend or same ethnicity or preference by the said future employer and any body with a business can sponsor as long as they make a heap of promises about training Australians for the job for The future , which is supposed to be checked up on by immigration dept. The person with the visa can then flit around wherever they like going from employer to employer, nobody knows who is up to and where!
    This has lead to abuse of the system. It's okay, I state people who have working rights come first before those need sponsorship to stay and work.
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