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I'm an international student currently having finished my first semester of Bachelor Nursing Degree but not done my first clinical placement yet. I live in Darwin, Australia. I tried to apply for a job in Residential Aged care... Read More

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    Quote from Mopples
    I actually started my degree at CDU, but have since changed uni's. I was also a mid year starter, so I know where your coming from. You will need to have completed NUR125 ( I think it is now, or whatever the prac unit is). It used to be 3 weeks when I did it, have they shortened it?

    It is annoying to have to wait, but rules are rules unfortunately. I had originally enrolled in a cert III aged care at the same time I started my degree, but I got a job as a ward clerk, so never completed it.
    I'm not sure about the duration of placement but "2 weeks" or "3 weeks" is not the concern here because NUR125 was placed in my 2nd year while it must be in the 1st year. And now I'm so disappointed of just learning theory in my classes. I wonder why we have to sit for Bachelor Degree if we don't know basic nursing skills like other students do in their Cert III or IV. It's really unfair that after finishing Bachelor program, most of us are advised to apply into Graduate Programs.

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    Yeah, I'm a local student. I also work for a company with over 8,000 staff so it's fairly large which I think helped.
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    Quote from pfongk
    Yeah, I'm a local student. I also work for a company with over 8,000 staff so it's fairly large which I think helped.
    What is the company's name? Does it has any location in Darwin NT ? Maybe I can try it ...
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    Sorry we're only in Queensland and northern New South Wales
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    As a fellow international nursing student studying in NSW right now, I understand your frustration. However, I do also understand that when a facility hires you, your employer expect you to work at full capacity because he/she would have to trust you with their clients. It is reasonable that they want to hire someone with experience and essential skills instead of a student who has not gotten any clinical experience yet. I suggest you wait until you finish your first year of study. I am in my second year now and working in a local hospital as AIN. Stay positive and all will come to you in good time. Clinical placement is a great opportunity for you to experience the real world practice, so you should make the most out of it. All the best luck to you!
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    For students who are studying to becoming RNs, it is expected that they possess certain understanding behind the care actions, it is a lot different from studying to be ENs or Cert III which are more practical skills focused. And from what I have heard, there are more and more science theory content added to EN courses as well. The theoratic knowledge you are studying right now come in handy once you start your transition year and working as a RN. However, like you said, it is a dilemma that our courses are very much theory and knowledge oriented that we lack the skills and technique to care for a patient. What you can do is to try and make the most of your clinical placement, and keep looking for jobs in a care facility.
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