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Nursing Graduate Program

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    I'm second year nursing student and will be graduating end of this year. Mid year, I'll be applying for graduate program but I'm not sure which one is better for me, public or private hospital? What is the difference between private and public and how do i know which graduate program is the best for me. I understand that it is very competitive and there's no guarantee that I'll get one. Need your all professional advise. Many thanks.
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    You will be pushing uphill to get a grad position, apply, apply to all hospitals, now is not the time to worry about what is better than another, just to get the first RN job.

    A certain big private hospital corporation, overseas owned, with hospitals in every state, offers grad years to overseas, new grads, so you can see there is a massive amount of applications. Though how they qualify for visa's when 1/3 of Australian new grads do not get work beats me.
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    Quote from ceridwyn
    You will be pushing uphill to get a grad position, apply, apply to all hospitals, now is not the time to worry about what is better than another, just to get the first RN job.
    Yeah I agree with this. It's SO hard to get a position anywhere that you can't afford to be picky! Apply everywhere you possibly can. Once you've got that first year or 2 of experience under your belt, then that's the time to start thinking about where you want your career to take you. I'm a new grad working in a surgical area although all of my nursing school placements and my interest is in the emergency/critical care sector. You just gotta take what you get given!
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    I'm just finishing my graduate program this week and it depends what state you are in, but I would advise applying for both. In Vic, you only get to select 4 public hospitals to apply for but you are unlimited with the amount of private hospitals you can apply for. After a year, if the system you got isn't for you, its early enough in your career to change. I missed out on a first year grad offer because of Vic system, where a computer assigns jobs. I later got a position in a rural program (which also rotates through a regional hospital) and it has been very rewarding. Good luck!
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    Thanks heaps for the feedbacks. I'm not picky as long as I got a place in graduate program. Finger crossed I'll get one by the end of this year. I think the application start in June or July..
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    Good luck, if you are not an Australian citizen and need sponsorship, makes it even more difficult.
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    Does anyone have any advice on the interview process for the NSW public system?
    For the people who managed to get a new grad program, any advice to put yourself ahead of the competition etc?
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    They will probably ask 6 questions and you will be interviewed by 2 to 4 people. During my interview I was asked
    1) what are my personal & professional strengths.
    2) situation question.
    3) medication safety/administration.
    4) workplace conflict.
    5) OH & S/infection control.
    6) how the grad program at the hospital would assist in my professional development.

    You then get the opportunity to ask questions.