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Job interview tips for theatre position in big city hospitsls

  1. 0 Hi guys, I will be having an over the phone panel interview in one big city hospital and another one over Skype interview in also a big city hospital. It would be for a theatre position. I'm scared and getting nervous about it. I migt let nervousness get the best of me and really flip out during the interview process. About me. I have 2 years +++ experience in the operating room department, I will be applying in 2 big city hospitals. I have done my homework on studying about those two hospitals online. Did some research on interview tips. But still, I'm feeling scared. I'm even jittering right now. I can sleep. Please help. Give me tips? What could be the possible questions these unit managers be asking? Thanks.
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    Look on the hospital websites to see if you can find the values of the hospital as this will defiantly come up in your interview. Clinical secanrios and dealing with a difficult staff member are frequent. Good luck
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    Thank you for th reply. I'm done with the interviews. Both of them asked about conflict, teamwork and clinical scenarios. There was no technical questions such as what is the first layer of bla bla
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    Hi! I'm about to start the interview process for my graduate year. Any tips? I'm thinking of applying for theatre. What sort of clinical scenarios do they ask?

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