Immigration detention

  1. Has anyone experienced working for Ihms (international health and medical services) as a mental health nurse? I have considered working in immigration detention, however, hold a some reservations.

    When I have inquired in the past, the hourly rate of pay has been flat, no shift loading or weekend or public holiday rates. A bonus payment was offered if and when a placement is completed.

    I would immagine the incident rate of DSH and or suicidal ideation/violence would be quiet high in immigration detention? The work load of a mental health practitioner in this setting would be high and considerably difficult to say the least.?

    I should also immagine your support by managment or other health professionals would be limited? Which really brings me back to my original question can anyone confirm or otherwise dismiss my suspicons?
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    I have an acquaintance working on Christmas Island. He is general trained with little mental health experience. I have heard he thinks it is not too hard at all and great pay.

    This is what I have been told through his messages to a friend, there are so many, social workers, psychologists,pyschiatrists, doctors, guards, federal police immigration officials, interpreters, other nurses, RN's EN''s.

    Most detainee's are very co-operative and grateful, children are delightful...but he gets upset at times, about the circumstances some of the stories he is told. Though he keeps good thoughts that these people are set for a better place in the end, even if it is in detention centre in Australia.

    Many families are now being put in communities here in the mainland awaiting permanent visa's....had dealings with them supplies etc.