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It is too hot to sleep in Melbourne tonight!... Read More

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    Today is a bit cooler thankfully - was 44 here in SA when I finished work last friday afternoon. Too hot!!

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    And to those of us in the farenheit system, 44 sounds pretty comfortable, actually... likes this.
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    I live in the northern suburbs of Adelaide and it got to 45 in the shade and 48 in the sun..... I cooked a steak on the road (for curiosity sake) and I have my nights and days mixed up because its too hot to sleep so I snooze during the day, I tell yah the Mexicans have it right!!
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    Wow I wish I was experiencing even a little heat!! I'm way up north where this time if year it averages around -30!!
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    I would trade anyday easier to get warm than cool down
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    I'm in FNQ and we're only at about 32.0c but we also have 50% humidity so it's fairly sticky.

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