Which is the best university for nursing in Australia?

  1. Many people say it's the university of Sydney, but what's your opinion?
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    RMIT in Melbourne. What exactly, best in what? Best in time off, best in marking, best in getting your results to AHPRA at the end, best for parking, best for lecturers, best in food, best in cheap food, best in hospital prac places, best looking degree.

    If you are asking what university has best reputation.....that depends on region and area and what hospital has students from what university.

    For examply Eastern Health is quite aware of Deakin and Latrobe students, but when it comes to they employ graduates over other universities no.

    Sydney universities undergrad nursing students, a few years ago, had a reputation of students having very little pract and were very science orientated. My colleague went there and said she had the mininmal amount of prac and felt very underprepared for the real nursing.....but curriculums change and often depends on the student.

    All universities here in Australia are acredited by ANMAC go to the one that is closest to home and easy to get to. IMA
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  4. by   Margaret Quinn
    Hi, i studied at Flinders University in South Australia..As i live in Victoria,very near the border,,I traveled to Renmark campus, in S.A. Very good, as the had small classes and usually i could get a one-one-on-one with the tutors/lecturers.