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i am starting this thread devoted to listing web resources for nurses not only in australia and new zealand but any of our regional areas. anyone is invited to add to the thread with a new resource or site they would like to... Read More

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    And congratulations to Singapore Nurses that is one impressive site!

    Nursing registration Singapore

    Singapore Nurses Association
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    Here are two "Evidence Based Practice" website links. The first is the Joanna Briggs Institute ( I can't believe I haven't included this link yet! lol)

    Joanna Briggs covers nursing and allied health.

    The Cochrane Database is more medically orientated, for access press the log in anonymously button on the webpage.
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    Thought I might add some maps of the area so that you have an idea of what the region is like

    To give everyone an idea of the size of Australia the distance from Perth Western Australia to Cairns in Queensland is 2141 miles or 3445 kilometers. I will add maps of the other countries as I find some.
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    On the subject of maps - here is a link to the Australian Health map

    Here is a link to rural education resources from the same website.
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    One of our members, Maelee was kind enough to hunt up some Philippine nursing websites for those interested in going to the Philippines or even just interested in talking to our colleagues there.

    Thank-you Maelee the sites look impressive and give us an insight into what nursing is about in your country. I think these sites demonstrate how much a part of a global community nuring really is and how much we have in common.
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    Direct from my text book -


    Australian Institute of Health and Welfare \I used subject portals most often

    Better Health channel has a truckload of info on here(beware pop up windows)

    last one we Australians cant read it
    Indonesian National Nurses Association, their registration board eng version is under construction um its under PPNI AND nurses or pPNI AND registration if u do a google search
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    For all those working in the MH field the Australian & New Zealand College of Mental Health Nursing is at:

    regards StuPer
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    National review of nursing education

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