Any Canadian nurses working in Australia?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm graduating in a few months from an accelerated degree program in Canada. I am starting my senior practicum in the Emergency Department of a busy tertiary care centre in a little over a month. I intend to work full-time for about a year after graduation, but to be honest my main goal (since even before I started my nursing degree) has been to move away. Far away. I'm thinking Australia or New Zealand, or anywhere else that a Canadian nurse could find work. I'm pretty open.
    It's only my educational goals that have kept me here thus far. Over the past two years I've suffered many losses, one being the love of my life. I'm going through a bit of a quarter life crisis & need a change...there's absolutely nothing tying me down here. I've excelled in school (currently sitting at a 4.05 GPA), & am looking for a challenge.
    Can anyone share some experiences they've had with travel nursing? Is this something I can dive into as a new grad? Shared perspectives & experiences are welcomed & appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   torontoRN
    Just wanted to share my experience thus far as I recently made a big change myself. Travelled the world for 6 months with my husband backpacking then came here to Australia to do my masters and work as a Registered Nurse. I've been here 3 months already and it's been impossible just to get my licence to even apply for jobs. My advice would be sort this out before you leave, and prepare (potentially) for MONTHS of agony getting your application together. It was harder for me because I did my application in Sydney, not back home so had to have family mail me my documents. DO THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Anyways, to give you an idea of the ridiculous things they need - high school transcripts, uni transcripts to prove you speak English, all of the clinical hours & theory hrs of each and every rotation you did in school, all your employers and hrs within the past 5 yrs, reference letters outlining what you did on the unit hrs/per week worked, etc. letters from HR manager (HAS to be a manager) with all the hrs you worked, dates ,etc.

    That's just scratching the surface on what they ask for. By the way - all those documents need to be certified by a lawyer or anyone else fit to certify outside Australia. Fun times! After I sent my application and $500, they asked me for additional documentation. It's crazy discouraging and like I said, just anticipate a LENGTHY process.

    That being said, this is the most beautiful country I've ever seen. I LOVE living by the beach with pretty much perfect weather every single day. I didn't come here primarily to be a nurse since I'm a full-time student but had hoped to work part-time. It is possible but I would say first get experience (1 yr at LEAST) back home, and start the application process EARLY on. Hope that is helpful.
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    Hi ! I am new to the website so am kind of unsure how this works. I know this was 2 years ago but I just started looking into the process of going to Australia and already have a headache! Would you be willing to provide some help or insights?
  5. by   Melissa543

    I know this was post a while ago but I'm finding it hard to get updated information. I was just wondering if you ended up going to Australia to work? I am a Canadian RN thinking of going to Australia for about a year. Any information about the process or tips about if you used an agency etc. Any info would be really appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hey ladies,

    I'm not sure if you guys still want to go but i am 100% serious about going and i would like my goal to be for september. I think if we work together to make a check list then it will be easier for us all to figure out what exactly we need. I too have a headache after looking up everything you need. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Comment below if this check list interests you. Good luck