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Hey there! Sorry if this a repeat of several other topics..I've been reading through many threads, and there is so much information, I'm getting overloaded. I'm an RN currently working as a traveler in the US. I have almost 2... Read More

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    Im an RN with almost 10 yrs exp and am finally going back to school. I'm starting the admission process through WGU for the RN-MSN Leadership and Management track. Does anyone know if the Australia/New Zealand nursing board would allow me to work as a staff nurse if I wanted to take any travel assignments? I still work full-time so my clinical hours will not be a problem. I just wasn't sure if my online degree would meet their educational requirements. THANKS!!!!

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    Why do you need a masters degree - online or not to be a Registered Nurse?You need to be assessed by the Australian national board AHPRA on your first degree, do not think they will assess you masters except if they thought you were deficient in some way in your first qualification.Fyi - Australia and NewZealand are seperate countries and you will need to be assessed by the Nz Nursing Council well.
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    Aye, and you may not even need the RN to MSN. I've heard of many cases of the board accepting an American ASN because of our required skills and education to actually get an ASN. Also an online RN to MSN shouldn't make a difference. They are really just looking at class descriptions and credits.
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    Yes, those 2 years associate degrees with experience have been accepted by AHPRA. You do not need a masters unless specialising or NP candidate.
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    Oh my gosh I just got my approval from AHPRA!!! Can't believe this is happening!!
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    Yay! Congrats
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    OMG finally I find a thread about the theory and clinical hours.

    Please help me ladies (& gents). So I received the same message from AHPRA regarding my nursing courses...that I needed to state my the hours spent on each of the NSG subject and clinical. I was surprised that they required this additional info as I already have a BSN and 1 year work experience in an ICY step-down unit.

    I emailed my college requesting for a letter stating the hours I spent in classes and clinical but they asked me if there was a minimum number of hours AHPRA was looking for. I am now confused as to what to tell them. After hours of research in the AHPRA and ANMC website the only information I received was that we are required to have spent a minimum of 6 semesters full-time and a minimum of 800 clinical hours.

    Can one of you please let me know what and how your college stated the hours? Were they specific to the subjects of
    Medical/Surgical, Adult Nursing, Community Nursing and Mental Health Nursing?

    Please help. I am at my wits' end with this paperwork. Worse still, I am out of the country and it is costing me a pretty penny to get everything in order.

    Thank you!
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    I understand you must be frustrated and your post shows this, but having education to BSN status from the US and working in a. HDU does not give Your assessment, compensations.

    The Australian health system is focused on preventative medicine, our approach to nursing, the drugs the way things are ordered our health system is quite different to that of the USAnd therefore our nursing degree reflects that, community health nursing and mental health that has a community portion to it as we'll - though I do not think they are strict about doing mental health - community as long as you have done enough hours - I did and this was a few years ago 160 hours mental health, community, 160 hours, med surg- 160 hrs,All up about 16 weeks of clinical - but this is with Enrolled nursing exemption and doing the degree in 2.5 years.

    Yes, they will need a breakdown of where you did your clinicals.

    On saying that, Sounds like you got a tough assessor, they let many nurses in here with very little clinical experience . One nurse stated that she had done all her clinicals in a 'volunteer' year after she had graduated from her nursing school and was still given positive AHPRA assessment!!!Due to there being not enough student she said was her explanation for AHPRA.

    So the rest of us tow the line....good luck.
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    I just received my approval from AHPRA a couple of weeks ago. I think I may have gone overboard, but I heard the more info you send them the greater chance of being approved. My background is that I'm an ADN RN with almost 2 years of ICU experience.

    I had a couple of meetings with my dean and we came up with a table with the following columns. I included all of my courses- not just nursing core curriculum. I heard including absences was key- but my dean was very understanding and knew that I was a good student so we just said zero for each. The calculation we used was the same one that our nursing school uses for calculating minimum hours for the state.

    Course Course Title Grade Semester Units Theory
    Hours Completed
    Science Lab Hours Completed Clinical Facility Description of Clinical Facility Absences

    For each theory hour we did 1x (# of semester units)x 18. For each clinical hour it was 3x(# of semester units) x 18. For science lab we used the same equation for clinical hours.

    I also included copies of every nursing core class syllabus. Most of these I still had, but the couple that I didn't my dean provided. She also wrote me a very kind letter emphasizing all of our accreditation and went over how in the US one receives their RN license.

    I hope this helps. Best of luck!

    Oh and be sure to follow their notarizing instructions exactly.

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    Wow, this thread is so informative!

    I am an RN with 3 years of med/surg/stepdown experience. I would like to relocate to either Sydney or Melbourne sometime in 2013. This process seems really intense, I am a bit overwhelmed. I'm researching everything right now and from the sounds of it I should start with my AHPRA application.

    I'm sure I will have lots of questions as I get started on this process but I'm glad I've found over people who are trying to figure this all out!

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