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  1. by   sueannRN
    Thanks for all of your insightful responses! They're a huge help to me who's just starting the process of getting registered.
    Could you please be more specific about their requests for additional information per receiving a BSN from an accelerated program? I also am a graduate from an accelerated BSN program and it didn't occur to me that it'd be more difficult to recognize! If you could give me the heads up on what to ask my school for, it would save me alot of headaches and such.
    Thank you so so much!!
  2. by   maxiepips
    Hi there

    Is it really compulsory to have band 7 before you are eligible to register under APHRA.
    I am saying this as i have spend a lot of money to sit the IELTS but only get band six.

    I am really interested to work in Australia.

    Grateful if any Nurse who are currently working in Australia to personally contact me through my email
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    If taught in english in America for at least 5 years then you are exempt from APHRA english tests, just have to prove you have completed this education, if however you want to apply for substantial visa you will be required to pass an english test.
  4. by   jjaros00
    Quote from lilly1980
    Etoile, took me forever! Partially because I received my BSN in an accelerated program, which I don't think they are familiar with, so I had several requests for additional information. After I mailed them the documents (and apparently I couldn't even send it fedex because it's a global post office box) it took about 10 days...snail mail status. I would typically get a response 1 week -2 weeks after via email. Sometimes it wasn't clear what they needed and what I interepreted wasn't always what they wanted, so that was a bit frustrating. In total it took me 5 months after several correspondences...(I did have some delays waiting for documents from my school so that cost me a good month all in all, I would say it took me 3-4 months.)

    Hopefully, yours will be much faster
    Lilly (and others),

    I also went through an accelerated BSN program. What would you advise I do/how would you advise me proceeding with AHPRA and obtaining a job in Aus? I'm a US nurse, 1 year exp as a nurse (9 months as a psychiatric nurse, 4 months and counting in general med surg). I'm also engaged to an Australian (hence the desire to move, lol)


  5. by   jjaros00
    Finally read through all the posts made here, and they've been extremely helpful. Still am wondering about my questions and hoping this post will grab the attention of etoile88 and everyone else here. Hope you all are enjoying nursing in Australia!
  6. by   Love911Nursing
    It is now 2016! This thread has been dead for awhile. Is anyone actively working on the process to work/live in Australia? Would love to get an updated running dialogue of anyone working on this.
    Also, I would love to hear updates from people who have already completed this process and made the transition to working in a new country!
  7. by   Purple_KicksRN
    Hi! I'm also working towards moving to Oz. I've just barely begun to scratch the surface so hopefully this thread will be helpful. I too would like to hear from anyone who has successfully made the trip. My goal is to work for Queensland Health as well, we have a friend who lives near Brisbane. Thanks!
  8. by   IncyAbagail
    Not sure if you are still living in australia but i am going to move and i am just about to start my application. Any tips?
  9. by   eej9t5
    When you say "original signature" does that mean the notary's signature? Also, what all did you have notarized? I have nearly 100 pages of syllabi but I feel like that's probably ridiculous to notarize, right? Just get copies of my passport, license, etc done. I'm having such a hard time finding any notary willing to "certify" documents though! Despite the fact that the AUS page clearly says they're cool with it. Ughhhhhh.

    Also, how did you submit proof of your CCEs? That's just another piece of information not listed clearly on the website to have to track down....

    I'm so ready to be done with this application!

    Thanks for your help!
  10. by   Cottntale32
    This thread may be dead, however, I'm hoping there are still people out there in the process of registering with the NMBA. I have several questions if anyone would be kind to help.

    1. Section D "Contact Information": Just to clarify... "residential address" is my home address (where I live). "Principal place of practice" is the address of my current work place (I do not have an Australian principal place of practice).

    2. Qualification Criteria "Criterion 4": I have to show that my qualifications are, "equivalent to an Australian bachelor degree (registered nurse)"- Do I send a certified copy of my Bachelors degree in Nursing?

    3. Qualification Criteria "Criterion 5": "Your program of study included a minimum of 800 hours of workplace experience* providing exposure to a variety of healthcare settings"- Will a letter from my educational institution suffice? What is exactly needed here to fulfill this criteria?

    4. Qualification Criteria "Criterion 6": "The curriculum of your program of study focused on the various aspects of nursing practice"- Do I just send in a "Degree sheet" - basically a sheet from the educational institution that I attended with a list of the classes needed to complete the degree in nursing? What is needed to complete this criteria?

    5. Qualification Criteria "Criterion 7": You successfully completed all components of the program and have graduated with a qualification" - Again, Do i send in a certified copy of my Bachelors Degree in nursing?

    6. Qualification Criteria "Criterion 8": "The education institution that provided the program of study, and confirmed your qualification, has certified that you have successfully completed an assessment in medication management" - Will a letter from my educational institution suffice? What is exactly needed here to fulfill this criteria?

    7. Statement of Service Letter from Employers:
    I do not have an AHPRA registration number at this time. However, It is needed within the letter.

    8. Continuing Professional
    Development (CPD): Do I need to send certified copies as evidence that I have reached the 20 hours that is required of the NMBA?
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  11. by   angieb13
    It seems that this feed has died off. The previous posts are extremely helpful, though, very outdated. I'm wondering if you should start a brand new feed with this post (on Oct 20). I am very interested in learning from people that are CURRENTLY trying to apply for licensure in Australia. It would be interesting to see if things have changed since this feed began in 2012. If you begin a new feed with your questions please tag me in the feed, so I might follow it. I am going to begin my application process very soon and any help would be great. I would recommend reading through this feed in it's entirety, as it is VERY informative, most of the information probably still applies. You may find something that will help you.
  12. by   Purple_KicksRN
    I started a new thread, 2016 US RN to Australia today. I've submitted my AHPRA application and re-submitted the stuff they wanted, now I'm waiting. Look for the new thread so we can have updated info!
  13. by   aussieoceans14
    Wondering if someone can help me. Applying for Nursing position as EEN in the public hospital setting and one of the questions asked in application is currently registered with AHPRA. I'm having trouble figuring out what to write. Do i just say currently registered with no notations with x amount of experience. Was also registered 25 years ago, hospital trained but subsquently re-trained last year due to been out of the work force for so long due to raising a family.Thanks anyone.