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Hey there! Sorry if this a repeat of several other topics..I've been reading through many threads, and there is so much information, I'm getting overloaded. I'm an RN currently working as a... Read More

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    Hi, I am a US nurse just starting the AHPRA and visa process to got to Australia in the Fall and I have found this thread very helpful! I have worked as a nurse for two years now in public health and in mental health for a year before that. Most of my experience has been in a clinic and not a hospital setting. Can anyone tell me what it is like or public health nurses in Australia and what opportunities might be available? It seem to me that most nurses that have posted on this thread have been hospital focused, but any insight would be great.

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    hi i'm also graduate of usa nursing bsn and worked for a year and is now wanting to transfer to australia. I haven't started any process but still gettin to know. I need help!!! do i neee to be in AUstralia to do the process? because it's asking the address and etc..
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    Hey murphy5001!

    I'm currently working in Melbourne now as an acute care nurse. However, there did seem to be a need for mental health. At least I know there were a couple mental health nurses that work for my agency. You should contact an agency to get an idea of the need or realistic work availabilty. Plus there is the option of working for more than one agency if that's what you are planning on doing. And agency is like our registry nursing at home. The don't really have short term contracts available in the cities. As far as public health nursing...I have no idea

    I am signed up with Healthcare Australia and they were extremely helpful answering my thousands of questions during my transition, but there are other big ones, I know of Mediserve too. I think somewhere on this thread or another was posted a good list of big agencies in Australia.

    Hope this helps
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    Hey ajoo,

    No you don't need to be in Aus to start the process. It's ok if you don't have an address in Aus yet. It does help if you have an idea of which State or City you would like to work in so you can put the City down and mail any correspondence to the appropriate AHPRA branch.

    Good luck!

    I know it's lengthy, but if you have a chance you should go back and read the should be pretty helpful albeit in a random sequence of information.
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    does anybody know how long the process takes based on the experience? and about how much money in us dollar did you have to pay?
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    Hi Yee213! I am in the final stages of completing the application process to AHPRA. I was curious if you sent the application to Australia before or after you sent for written verification from your states board of nursing? I wasn't sure what to send first! Also, with all the paperwork and application did you just put it all in a folder or do you recommend organizing it with tabs/dividers?! Thank you so much for your time!
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    Hi Krisd385,

    I sent my application and then requested my verification. However, I think doing it simultaneously would be the best in retrospect. Try to gather all of your documents and send them all at once. Once they receive your initial application they give you a deadline for the remainder of your items which can at times be tricky. I just organized it with staples and paperclips, and it worked out fine for me. Good luck!
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    Hi Krisd385,

    I sent the letter to the California BRN first. coz it took them 6 weeks to send the verification letter to AHPRA. and right after I sent the letter to California BRN, I start my application process. The whole process of gethering the documents took me about 4 weeks to complete. I put them in a folder with tabs/dividers.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Hey, anyone who's already Sydney? We should all get togther and have a drink or dinner!!
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    My board of nursing didn't want the hassle of sending the verification where it could be tracked. They mailed the verification to me to send to AHPRA. I sent it unopened with a letter explaining what was inside and why I was sending, and they accepted it with no problems.

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