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Looking for fellow Muslim nurses. - page 3

As salaamu alaikum insha Allah*** we can connect and share our experiences. I have been A registered nurse for 5 years and I love it. Gives me a chance to teach my patient's about Islam and feel... Read More

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    Salam alaykum well I am a male muslim nurses and I also have an important question too how do you go about your solat/prayers in solat at work....do you offer them on the unit/at designated prayer places.Thank you
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    Wa alaikum as salaam, brother. Your unit is required to provide reasonable religious accommodation. That being said, I do try to take a break so that prayers can be done at the beginning and end of a break... e.g., dhuhr and asr for day shift or isha and fajr on night shift... that being said, there are some days I have to make them up all at one go at home, but I really hate to do that. Some muslims I know do that because they can't rely on breaks in healthcare, also :-( Mostly I have prayed in my unit but some hospitals I have worked in have chapels without any statues or pictures, which is great. May Allah make it easy for you!