Coma Dreams

  1. I had to share this...

    A patient who was previously very ill but is now on the progressive care unit told me this story. He was in a coma for 51 days. He had a dream where he was standing on a hill overlooking a valley when he heard a voice. It told him, "build a silver lake." And so he did. He stook back and admired his work. The lake was beautiful silver, placid, with silver rocks along its bank. Then the voice spoke again and said, "build a lake of cork." And so he did. He said he filled it with innumerable layers of cork caps like you'd find in wine bottles. He stook back and observed the brown cork lake. Around it were gray rocks and near the shore stood several homes.

    He decided he wanted to go back to the silver lake to admire it once more when a voice said, "this lake is not for you." At that point he began coming out of his coma.

    Have you heard any stories of the like?
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  3. by   HippyDippyLPN
    No but that's crazy. I love stories like that, find them very interesting what people dream in a coma like state or what they see near death
  4. by   SuzieF
    I have never heard of a patient experiencing anything like this before. Did you ask the patient what was his interpretation of the dream? He may know deep down inside.