Going on a job interview knowing who will get the job

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    Hello there, has this happened to anyone? I'm a correctional nurse at the County level and have been in corrections for 2 years. I applied for an internal job this past week for which I interview next week but everyone in my office knows who the job is going to. Does this happen a lot? I'm just hurt about this and don't even want to go and interview even though in my heart I know i'm the better candidtae for this job...but maybe my boss has other plans.

    Thanks for listening
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    It's happened to me once before, but I looked upon it as interview experience and just went along. It was actually less stressful knowing I had no chance at the job and I think I interviewed better for that!
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    It gives you the opportunity to get your name out there as someone who is interested in whatever you are interviewing for. And don't ever be 100% sure that someone already has the job in the bag. The person may decide not to take the offer, may not like it once orientation is through--lots of things will and could change. So wholeheartedly interview--you never know where it could lead.
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