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I started working at a small rural hospital after leaving my first nursing job at a big teaching hospital in May. I am just over a year experienced in med-surg/telemetry and am three weeks away from completing my first semester... Read More

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    I definitely will try to get a written recommendation and make copies. So far on my applications, I've noted that it was a mutual decision to leave during my probationary period because the job was not a right fit. When the lady called to set up the interview, I truthfully told her that I was hired full time but because of school went PRN and I think the manager really needed a full time person. So far it has not been detrimental to me, but I'm hoping this PRN job comes through with this interview on Saturday. The best thing I have in my corner is that I resigned from my first job and that I am still on the payroll at the LTC facility in which I started out as a CNA during college. I have been employed at the LTC facility per diem for four years so I hope that shows that I am not a "job-hopper" which I fear I'm going to look like after this. I'm still shocked that this happened to me especially during a recession. I am a single mother so I always take my job seriously because I only have one income and the fact that I could be fired with no warning scares me to death. The only thing that keeps me from going completely insane is that I'm in school and can always ask for a student loan to pay the bills and I also have some money in my savings. People don't need to operate like that but I guess small town places like that can get away with it.

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    Update: had interview today for prn float pool position, the lady said as long as all my references come back good, I'm hired and start the 23rd so I'm praying my last boss lives up to her word about giving me a good recommendation
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    So this manager never once asked you for your side of the story? Sounds like very poor leadership to me.
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    Sounds petty just because you changed your status. Brush yourself off and move on.

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