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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Isn't that the big benefit of Obamacare is that these services are going to be more accessible and at lower cost for everyone? When something is more accessible and at a lower cost (or free), won't more people be looking to use it. That's basic economics.
    That may be "basic economics," but, as I said in the first place, we are all well aware that plenty of individuals who currently have access to and coverage for lots of preventive services don't use those services -- so why assume that everyone who gains coverage through the ACA is going to suddenly try to schedule lots of tests and office visits?? (Other than that scenario suiting the purposes and political bias of the author of the article and the WSJ.)
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    Anytime just one person is late to a doctors appointment, than all the next appointments will get back up. People need to be more sensitive to this.
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    I don't know what tardiness has to do with the discussion at hand, but if you are late at my office I won't see you. That is one way I assure that I stay on time.

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