Whistleblower Blues in Fort Worth, Texas - page 3

It is a sad career that we are in, folks. I'm a nurse working in a nursing home. I was told of another nurse taking pictures of a bipolar patient after a horrific fall she had, ending in a fractured... Read More

  1. by   crippersmom
    I will say one more thing...these are the other offenses by the same nurse taking the pictures : surfs adult sex sites with naked men at the computer at the nurse's station, wears "flip flops" to work, (yes, you heard right...flip flops), tells the CNA to meet her in the med room so she can give him a blow job, leaves for her 30 min lunch break out of the building but stays clocked in for an hour and a half, has brought the overall work ethic/morale of coworkers down with her, (took my med aide with her for one 1 1/2 hour lunch break, keys and all out of the building), lays down on the patient's couch in the tv room while talking on the cell phone and watching "Mash" for an hour, and is incredibly loud and boisterous. That stuff I DO have first hand knowledge of. I reported it all, of course...but the supervisor is her friend. Hence....the retaliation against me.
  2. by   doesanyoneknowwhy
    so, this is enough of this. No, I did not say to make it point to expose her-when the opportunity arises, just mention it. Listen, you work with a bunch of bad people. Get out!!! of there!!!!! before you really get blamed for something you did not do, but seen/witnesses or somethink like that.

    You can find another position. Just shake all this off. Get out as soon as you can. If this means your livelyhood, sounds like these other people are trouble. Move on....