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Stupid ANA Question

  1. 0 Just looking for the facts, as I am about to be a new grad and am a little confused: Is the ANA a union? Or a professional organization? Or a hybrid of some sort? I know there are a variety of (strong) opinions about the ANA, and I'm not looking to start another debate, I'm just trying to figure out exactly what they are. I know that individual nurses join their state organization, and the state organization is the member of the ANA. But I thought all of this was under the umbrella of "professional organizations," whereas I see some info that strongly implies union. But I know not all states are union states...can anyone clarify?
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    It's a professional organization (well, except that nursing isn't a profession, technically). The purpose of the ANA primarily is to unite the individual states Nursing Associations and lobby at the national level. The ANA is basically the lobbying arm for Nursing (as a whole) at the national level. So I see where you might think they are a Union (as they are the voice for the people), but not so much.
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    Quote from Be_Moore
    that nursing isn't a profession, technically
    This is not at all meant to be incendiary but why do you say it isn't a profession? Thanks.
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    Nursing is a profession! See the following link that discusses this very thing:
    Don't underestimate what all your hard work has earned you - the right to claim a profession for yourself and all other nurses.
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    Quote from nminodob
    Nursing is a profession!
    While I do agree with you, BeMoore is a younger person that we are and I wanted his/her take on the subject. Again, I am not trying to be argumentative but I wanted another viewpoint.

    And thanks for the link. Very first line: "One of the accepted hallmarks of a profession is the possession of a unique body of knowledge." I would append to that "a defined, certified set of skills regulated by a monitoring board with disciplinary powers" but who am I?
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