Intimidation: Practitioners speak up about this unresolved problem

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    all too often, seasoned healthcare providers feel compelled to warn new staff members about a particularly difficult physician, and perhaps even shield them from this person for as long as possible. it's a telling sign of a culture that tolerates, even fosters, intimidation. more than 2,000 (n=2,095) healthcare providers from hospitals (1,565 nurses, 354 pharmacists, 176 others) responded to our november 13, 2003, survey on this subject. sadly, they clearly confirmed that intimidating behaviors continue to be far from isolated events in healthcare. what's more, these behaviors are not necessarily limited to a few difficult physicians, or for that matter, to physicians alone.
    in part i of our report, learn what respondents had to say about workplace intimidation.
    intimidation: practitioners speak up about this unresolved problem (part i)

    recommendations to address this longstanding problem will be presented in part ii of our report, in the march 25, 2004, edition of the newsletter.
    intimidation: practitioners speak up about this unresolved problem (part ii)
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