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  1. 0 Hello everyone, I am looking for some comments and feedback on what I am considering doing for my graduate project. I am completing my MSN in Nursing Leadership and Management. My background includes a nursing degree as well as an undergrad degree in Political Science and Education (I couldn't decide what to do forever.) We have to do "something" that would impact a hospital, hospitals, or healthcare in general. This summer I have discussed with a Senator's office the possibility of going to Washington D.C. and working with the Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) committee. I'd love to connect that with my graduate project so I thought I could work one education nurses, hospitals and others about the recent healthcare bills, pending bills, their implications for nurses and hospitals. It would involve a blog, possibly a website and a twitter account as well as presentations and posting information at the hospital.
    I was wondering what everyone thought of this idea before I presented it to my adviser for consideration.

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    sounds great to me, especially if you include how congress votes on certain topics. ANA provides some info, but they are biased towards Democrat party. Even if I agree with them I always wonder if I am being influenced.
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    I've thought about the ANA information but this summer I would be working on the actual legislation before it is passed so I would have first hand knowledge of the process. I just wonder if the college will consider it a good enough project for a program they say prepares us to become CNOs.

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