For Profit Tissue and Organ Donations?

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    I have always been an advocate for organ donation. I carry my driver's license with the heart symbol that indicates donation upon death.

    I never heard of a for profit business involving donated organs. Am I very naive? Can any of you enlighten me about current organ donation and use of organs and tissue?
    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm sure there are some people here involved in Organ and Tissue Donation that could enlighten you a little more than I can, but I'll just give you a few of my observations.

    After working ICU for a few years I believe that these organizations sometimes (not always) are organ/tissue hungry, the length at which they will try to obtain consents is ridiculous. I understand the need for viable organs for transplantation but sometimes aggressiveness is not always best. If you would like to read a little bit more about it I recommend "The Undead" by Dick Teresi. It is an excellent book written by a scientific journalist on the topic.

    Also, while the organizations that harvest the tissues and bones of cadavers are non-profit those that handle and treat the retrieved specimens are actually for profit. They routinely award and congratulate those who retrieved the most skin, or bone.
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