Florence Nightingale: Her continuing influence on global health

  1. So, I had to get some CE credits, and have a fondness for history (especially nursing history) and decided to take this class (on-line). What a bunch of cr*p. I think Miss Nightingale would be furious at having her name attached to political screeds like this. Why do we have to politicize our profession????? (I don't want to hear about "advocacy". Puhleez! Breaking your back to make this system work for a patient or limited group of patients, is advocacy. Selling your profession out for the illusion of petty political influence is cheap and tawdry. It also suggests that nurses all share the same political philosophy. Ergo, if my politics are different than yours, I'm somehow less worthy, less well-informed and less professional.

    Furthermore, it does no honor to history to put a 21st century template on the accomplishments or failures of a 19th century figure.

    Sorry for the rant. I know I went off on this. It just seemed so emblematic of what is happening to my profession of 41 years. Yes, 41 years. I'm not that many generations separated from Miss Nightingale herself.
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    while at aacn nti this year, i was able to see the exhibit of original letters handwritten by florence. looks like an interesting nurse.com ce course.

    florence nightingale continuing education module

    nursing spectrum, nurseweek and nurse.com are touring an exhibit of original letters handwritten by florence nightingale this year. two of the letters are available online and the exhibit travels to nursing spectrum and nurseweek nursing excellence galas and the johnson & johnson campaign for nursing's future promise of nursing galas throughout the year. in addition to the letters, the campaign is sponsoring a complimentary continuing education (ce) module online, entitled "florence nightingale: connecting her legacy with local-to-global health today." the goal of the program is to connect florence nightingale's legacy with nurses' capacities to influence local-to-global health, including the eight united nations millennium development goals.

    florence nightingale: [color=#333333]connecting her legacy with local-to-global health today

    the goal of this program is to connect florence nightingale's legacy with nurses' capacities to influence local-to-global health, including the eight u.n. millennium development goals. after studying the information presented here, you will be able to-
    • link florence nightingale's life, work and insights with her legacy for 21st century nursing and healthcare.
    • describe the connections between key global health challenges-including u.n. millennium development goals-and the problems nurses face today.
    • provide examples of nurses working to achieve the u.n. mdgs

    check out: country joe mcdonald's florence nightingale tribute for other perspectives, more info and hear a voice recording.
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