Escape Fire documentary

  1. Please watch this documentary because this is what our nation and world is watching when it comes to healthcare in the U.S.

    At first I was so inspired by doctors expressing the need to taking time to educate patients in order to deliver care based on outcomes instead of volume. I'm new to the field of nursing (RN) but I can tell you that the place I work for demands Patient Outcome and Patient Satisfaction within the same old demands of Volume of Patients for both MD and RNs and CNAs and ACTs. This clash of business dealings with what Medicare/Medicaid needs will not work out for the long run. It may work during a time of economic scariness but no team can physically and mentally work under these conditions for the long haul. It scares me that a hospital will put their team through this and expect that patients are placed first at the same time. They preach patient first but they limit the workforce to actually get it done and expect the same outcomes (focus on profit or bottom line). One month's numbers may look good in one area and suck in the others and revolve. But you can't have it all which is what Medicare/Medicaid want to get paid. We just go along like sheep complaining and in pain at bedside in hospital. Time to educate and "be" with the patient? It's not a time management issue.
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