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I am so annoyed with doctors and nurses who don't understand the difference between DNR and palliative care! It scares the wits out of me when I've had a patient who is DNR and the MD drags his... Read More

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    Vespertinas,I try not to take things personally on an impersonal post, but I cannot help but take offense at your inference that your idea of geriatric care is more right then mine.

    I've been in the geriatric field for more than 30 years. I spend my days making sure people in my care get the care they need based on their own ideas of what they need to lead a fulfilling life, however long that life is.

    After all these years of talking to the residents in my buildings, a common thread appears. Most, if not all of them, hate taking needless medications. I would be derelict in my duties if I did not try to get rid of all but the most necessary medications.

    Vit D deficiency in a 96 year old is not the same as it would be in a 9 year old. Many vitamins cause nausea and other unpleasantries. I advocate for my residents based on what they want, and they do NOT want to start their days with a handful of pills.

    My idea of geriatric care is to let the elder be the expert on the direction their care will take.
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    Sooo we agree

    I said a couple times that I find it acceptable to remove medications if it's something the resident wants.

    We're two nurses with strong convictions on geriatric care butting heads with the wrong people. Obviously you care about your residents and want the best for them and I hope you see I do too! The people who we should have a problem with are those who are taking advantage of a DNR order to mean that they should do less interventions on a patient on the whole. I'm sorry but regardless of their personal convictions, that is not for them to decide. Of course, there is another side to this where some poor dying patients are over-treated and physically harassed. I see that point. At present, I am more concerned with the dangers of outright NEGLECT.
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    To answer your original question I do believe there needs to be a new system of DNR's that covers some of the more subtle things. It is true that some healthcare providers do think that withdrawal care and DNR are the same thing. The only thing if they did implement a system that had more choices how could it be made so it could be easily understood.

    Maybe soon all patients will have computerized name bands and if we try to do CPR on a DNR it'll tell "Dave I don't think you should do that."

    As always our most important nursing skill is that of patient advocation. I don't want to have to jump grannies bones any more than you want to see someone die from something treatable. 2 ends same stick
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