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Current NANDA diagnoses

  1. 0 I have been searching the web and the NANDA site--unable to locate so far. Does anyone have a link to the most current NANDA nursing diagnoses? Thanks!
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    Looks like current NANDA DX only available in book. Does your school have current copy?

    Found these sites of interest to you:


    2000 ANA CE Article:
    "Nursing Nomenclature and Classification Systems with International Perspectives"
    by Marjory Gordon, PhD, RN, FAAN
    Article originally published Sept. 30, 1998

    Powerpoint Presentation: Nursing Process: Nursing Diagnosis

    NANDA, NIC and NOC
    includes link to Center for Nursing Classification Newsletters

    Welcome to the Self-Learning Modules on Standardized Nursing ...

    What's in a name:
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    Thanks, Karen, for the sites (ESPECIALLY like the PP link--nice!!!). I was able to find this one site, which, for the most part was accurate (except "Knowledge Deficit" is now "Deficient Knowledge"):
    And this site, which is even better and accurate (as far as I can tell): :imbar
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    Learned something new today!
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    can u give me the current list of NANDA nsg dx?
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    Here is the link to NANDA 2005

    This should take you right there.