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    Quote from nowim clean
    Maybe because you have to eat to live but you do not have to smoke to live.
    Smoking is by no means the only habit that serves no useful purpose, yet is potentially harmful. Indoor tanning, binge drinking, sky-diving are a few others. Yet I see no surcharges mentioned for individuals with leather skin, DUI records or faulty parachutes.

    I'm also curious as to why we are just now learning of this provision. If Obama and Pelosi felt strongly that smokers should pay steep penalties for insurance coverage, why weren't they upfront about that? Perhaps the slogan, "Affordable health care for all but smokers" wasn't catchy enough.
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    Feel free to join the discussion here:

    Un-Affordable Care Act Targets Smokers - US Politics
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    Not a fan - its not including a large group of people who grew up on smoking. Not that I'm encouraging smoking or quitting (my Dad is a smoker, but it his choice, and I will support him on my personal values) but there are a lot of people that are in the senior population that chose to smoke because that was what they grew up doing. That was the norm at the time.

    It seems very biased to only not include smokers. As mentioned above, what about tanners, diabetics (most situations are completely preventable), substance abuse including alcohol, past employment resulting in health issues 50-60 years later, piercings, tattoos, obesity, elective surgeries - each of these impacts health care costs. I'm thankful to be able to access health care in Canada regardless of my habits and be accessible to benefits. I can't imagine how others who cannot feel.

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