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There IS hope for nurses with back injuries

  1. 0 I just wanted to share my story to offer hope to nurses with back injuries. I have been an RN diploma grad for 20 years. I have worked in med-surg,hospice, and long term care. This past September, I sustained an on the job injury,herniated disc to L4-5, while assisting an obese patient out of bed. My employer has denied my workman's comp claim and I have been without a paycheck for 4 months. I am currently involved in a legal battle with my employer for lost wages and medical bills. My doc has advised not to return to bedside nursing. I have lost my job due to family medical running out. Things were looking pretty dim-applied to at least 50-60 jobs...finally found a great job in hospital case management,coordinating discharge plans. I was told that case management nursing is the up and coming specialty for nurses due to the impending health care changes. I don't even have a bachelor's degree(never thought I would need one..planned on retiring from the bedside)...just need 3-5 years acute care experience. Just wanted to share my experience and encourage anyone going through a similar situation not to give up hope. Your experience and knowledge as a nurse is valuable even if your body isn't what it used to be!
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    Good luck to you, am glad you had a positive outcome. I too am facing some health issues, am still working on my quest.