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Hi~ I am new here and an excited to find this site. I am applying for LVN school and the deadline is June 14, 2013. My problem is this: in 2009 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have... Read More

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    Speak with your psychiatrist/NP. They'll tell you if they feel comfortable with you working as a nurse, and if they'll write a letter to the BON on your behalf. It sounds like TX pretty specifically requires you to disclose, so you'll have to do that. But you don't have to tell your employer or coworkers and I strongly recommend that you DO NOT EVER tell your patients.

    I too have bipolar disorder, and actually lost a job because of symptoms. I wasn't aware this was the case until I was diagnosed later. I figured out I did best working PRN and have been doing well since finding a new job. I have not told my employer or my coworkers. Because I work so irregularly, there is no need. My psychiatrist is supportive, and has told me he feels no need to report me to the BON in my state, as long as I am compliant with treatment and do not work when he advises I stay home.
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    Hi NurseDirtyBird~

    Sounds like you are very fortunate to have a supportive psychiatrist. I have great support as well, and the clinic I go to has no problems at all with me going to school and getting my license, but here's the problem. They have a problem with disclosing the fact that I have bipolar disorder (they put "mental illness" as my diagnosis on the letter) and the letter is so vague that I don't know if the BON will accept it. I told them I would sign a release, but they said they didn't want to release anymore then they have to. Now I'm not sure that I should carry on with the application. It really does suck to have your dreams shattered.
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    Don't give up!! Your doctor/clinic has probably written these letters a hundred times, and they tend to be really generic---as if you could just slip anyone's name in there and call it good. The letters are written this way to maintain your confidentiality; if the BON really thinks it needs to know more, believe me, it will ask.

    So scrape up the pieces of your dreams and glue them back together......you're not out of the running yet, unless of course you want to be.
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    Thank you Viva! I want this more than anything. I can see your point. I will send in my app tomorrow and will let you all know. Ya'll have all been so kind to offer your opinions and I am so glad I found this site!

    By the way, I love your quote and your article... hilarious!!!
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    Quote from bella_
    Thank you Viva! I want this more than anything. I can see your point. I will send in my app tomorrow and will let you all know. Ya'll have all been so kind to offer your opinions and I am so glad I found this site!

    By the way, I love your quote and your article... hilarious!!!
    Thanks! If there's any upside to bipolar, it's having these bursts of creative energy that make everything seem possible...if only for a little while.
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    Hi Everyone. I am new here and I was Diagnosed with Bipolar Disease Type 11 in 2008. Lost a job because I was doing things I didn't know I was doing, got put on meds and couldn't function. Was put on Disability because I was also found to be "legally deaf" at the same time. I have since been stabilized on meds and I will be getting cochlear implants within the next couple of months. I now have to worry about getting my license reinstated because I let it lapse. Since I actually did work within the last five years even though it was only three weeks and I can prove it, I beleive the state BON will be giving me my license back for possibly just the fees. But I am looking forward to getting back in the trenches. Just thinking of maybe something outside the box instead of MS. even though I have a really strong MS background. I am not sure I could do it anymore. I am 60 and there just has to be something easier. I worked as a nurse for 32 yrs so I paid my dues. I am just hoping I can find something I can do with the Bipolar but I just don't know what that will be yet. I don't think I can go back to MS.
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    Hi, saszone, and Welcome to Allnurses! I think you'll find a lot of kinship here, a good many of us are older and come with a little `ahem` sinus condition, LOL.

    It's good that you are feeling up to nursing again. Because you have only three weeks' worth of practice hours in the past 5 years, you will likely need a refresher course before you can practice again. This is not a bad thing; as you know, nursing practice changes so rapidly that even those of us who work every day can't keep up with it. Once you are licensed again, you may want to consider something in case management or long-term care, such as MDS coordinator, or even a job like mine (I'm a DON in assisted living, a job I still love even after 2 1/2 years). It's all very challenging mentally---you have to be totally compliant with your med regimen, sleep hygiene, diet/exercise etc.---but the work is so much easier on the late-middle-aged body.

    Wishing you the best......and please feel free to 'chat' with us here at AN anytime.


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    Update: My declaratory application has been sent to the enforcement department and I won't know anything for 4-6 months. Has anyone gone thru this process and will I know sooner than this time frame? Also, am I going to be charged the $150 to have it investigated?
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    See DMU wants to be Psych Nurse
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    Viva, if called for interviews after extended periods of disability, of any sort, do you have any suggestions for addressing them such that an offer of employment is garnered. I've run into this, have answered with "FMLA," and stated "but now am fully capable of managing the role and responsibilities of the position," have added what I also had done to maintain currency, albeit sometime creatively (tutoring, caring for friends, family, etc., studying, preparing to pursue graduate education, etc)., only to be unsuccessful in gaining an offer. I have also, however, requested a modified steady schedule and have been applying for positions in settings that are more protective of my well-being. I do not identify my specific disabilities, and sometimes don't identify that I am "disabled" at all. Neither stance has made a difference; I have not been offered a position in nursing in 3 years. I have, however, just recently been accepted into a FPMHNP/DNP program, but am ambivalent about sending the deposit because I, like you, have historically been only able to commit to any one plan or position for a "2 yr." period of time, though I have better treatment support now. (I am also worried about being unable to afford 4+ yrs. of federal loans that won't cover the annual costs of the programs, which I may have ask to be accommodated for structure, too.) I appreciate your forum!
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