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My son and I are starting nursing school together this fall. We have been looking for stethoscopes that he can successfully use with his bte hearing aides. The one that he is looking at is the... Read More

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    My left ear is very severe. Since I was so little, I've never been fitted for an aid in that ear. My right ear has some function and so I'm able to wear a hearing aid. I've always wondered what it would be like to have both ears.

    I purchased the streamer with my hearing aid. I've never heard music lyrics so clear before and some sounds just from my hearing aid. It sure is an incredible hearing aid. However, the antenna loop that connects to the streamer makes a lot of static noise and is very uncomfortable and frustrating. I've already had my audiologist replace both antennas and the problem still happens. I've stopped using it. And another problem is that I'm only using one hearing aid and not both so the antenna does work as well, I would think.

    I'll definitely look into contacting my state board of vocational rehabilitation office here in Denver. I could use any help I could get. Do you have any other advice?

    Thank you so much!
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    Thanks to AuDDOc for all your help and suggestions. I picked up my I-Com to use with my Phonak BTE hearing aids. It works great! Like you said, there is a cord that goes from the I-Com to the headphone port on the Cardionics e-scope. I am so happy with this. My patients are interested in the techology I use, and are always supportive. I hope that everyone who wrote in finds a stehoscope and the right combination of equipment to make this happen for them. Just don't let hearing problems stand in the way of your dreams.
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    Hello AuDDoc,
    I'm glad to read here all the inputs on hearing aids and stethoscopes.
    I'm using BTE- HA -right ear,although my audiologist told me to have both ears.
    Hopefully, VR can help me,both ears can be covered.
    While I am still waiting,what can you suggest be a good kind of hearing aids and
    stethoscope for me that is comfortable.Right now,since I am not working yet,
    this BTE I have is not that comfortable that it's like there's some huge cotton
    that I felt on my ears.
    Is it normal to feel this? Or are there any other hearing aids around that feels
    nothing in our ears? Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Dear AudDDoc,

    I am so glad to see this discussion! I would love your input as to the best type of stethoscope to use with my hearing aids. I graduated from an entry level masters nursing program in December 2012 and was just offered my first dream job in a NICU new grad program beginning in June! I have had Phonak ITE hearing aids since 2010 and have used earpieces with limited success. I really need to find a good stethoscope that is not too cumbersome or obvious that will work with my hearing aids. I have been researching different types and brands, but am not sure what will actually work well. Thanks!!
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    I'm so glad this thread discussion exists. It's old, but I found it helpful. It looks like the E-scope is the best option out there right now. I use Phonak hearing aids and have an iCom device as well. My plan is to use the audio jack input with the stethoscope.

    I only wish that there was a purely bluetooth stethoscope that could pair with the iCom device. It would be great if it was compact and without the tubing, but simply the bell of the scope plus the harware biult around it.
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    we are waiting for the freedomscope to come into production. Wireless Stethoscope Bluetooth - Freedomscope, Freedom Scope . It says that it should come into production mid 2014 but it said the same thing for 2013 and was changed.... big bummer
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    Quote from cyntrim
    we are waiting for the freedomscope to come into production. Wireless Stethoscope Bluetooth - Freedomscope, Freedom Scope . It says that it should come into production mid 2014 but it said the same thing for 2013 and was changed.... big bummer
    The website isn't that helpful. Still says the Freedomscope will enter production in mid-2014. I wonder if this is like the continuous glucose-monitoring insulin pumps, a piece of technology that it's best to wait to buy until the kinks are straightened out.

    Thanks for this thread. I'll be starting nursing school in the fall with moderate hearing loss in both ears. Before I found this, I was terrified that I would not be able to succeed. Much more hopeful now!
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    I'm in a similar position. I have bilateral BTE HA and start nursing school in January. I'd love to know of anything anyone can add. My audiologist is working on it. The disabilities office thinks they will buy a shared stethoscope that I can checkout. Yuck. I fear that I'm just going to end up with a regular stethoscope and headaches every night from it jamming my HA into my ear drums.
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