RN applicant with ADD + learning disabilities

  1. Hi all,

    I'm wondering how I should respond if asked or inquired about disabilities during the nursing admission process? I'm registered with the schools accessibility office and I have testing accommodations and a loaned tape recorder, which means that my disability could be found out easily via internal resources that the colleges might use, so omitting the fact seems to be a poor option (which I'd like to avoid anyway). I'd imagine the best way would be to contact a certain power to assure that my rights are not violated.

    I've not yet applied but am concerned that I might be conveniently passed over if they find out I have learning disabilities. I know this is totally illegal for them to do per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but I've heard cases where sometimes people operate within the "gray area" of the spectrum regarding this matter and still discriminate based on disabilities.

    I'm just scared that people will not give me a chance despite the fact that I'm more than capable to do the work and despite how hard I've worked to get where I am. I put forth double the effort and study time of my friends to get the A's I've earned. I'm by no means dumb or incompetent. As a child, (before the ADA applied fully to children with ADD), my teachers often criticized and belittled me, both in public and private. So I guess a certain stigma seems to apply to my situation.

    What can I do or with whom should I speak to protect myself fully in this event? Are most nursing colleges required to allow a certain number of disabled students in?

    Thank you for any support and advice offered, it means more than you know.
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  3. by   Jules A
    If your pre-req grades are excellent as most schools will require based on the large number of applicants I can't imagine they would want to discriminate against you. I've never heard that they have a certain number of disabled students they have to accept and would imagine that would breed a lot of animosity becuase of the fierce competition for spaces so imo you are better off to earn your way in based on your academic history. Good luck.
  4. by   lidleanjel
    first off, as long as you have the paperwork to prove that you have add and learning difficulties, the college canNOT reject you for the nursing program because of your problems if you have the good grades. it is illegal!! i have adhd and learning difficulties and have not had any problems so far. i am applying for the nursing program this coming spring. as long as you follow all procedures, including acquiring your academic accommedation paperwork and making sure the instructor has a copy and you carry a copy at all times, the only thing the instructor can do is tell you that something cannot be recorded because it is specifically about a patient.

    secondly, if you know you are being denied entering the nursing program and its because of your disabilities then fight it. it is a persons right to have the education they want no matter what you learning ability is.

    the only difference between a person with adhd (or add) and learning disabilities is we work 10 times harder, in my opinion. retaining the info is not easy for any student by all means but i know i study my @$% off while others students talk about their 2 hour or sunday night study time. i have my noise in textbooks about 3-4 hours a night, every night of the week.

    my accommedations include taping classes, note taker, use of a quiet testing center with the computer that reads everything to you, i can have a dictionary and calculator. the best thing to do for is learning how you learn and keep on studying any way you discover that helps. i even take my exams backwards which helps tremendously. out of high school i was averaging a "d" testing grades and now i take "b" exams.