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I'm still a student right now, however, I just started working as an extern on the surgical floor. I do two or three 8 hour shifts a week, and just with that, I already come home aching in my lower back! I know it's due to poor... Read More

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    Quote from xInspiredx

    What does "MBT" stand for? I tried to look for them online, but couldn't find anything.
    Stands for Masai Barefoot Technology, but just google MBT Shoes and about 100 websites will come up.
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    Pilates for core strengthening, get a scan of your back to make sure there are no issues ( schools use to do scoliosis checks) mine wasn't picked up til I was 15 and by then I was too old for a back brace and not bad enough for spinal fusion. Also try complimentary medicine like acupressure, acupuncture or raiki
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    When's the last time you had a good physical? I was working as an ER nurse for 25 years, a year+ as house supervisor nights. Kept thinking I needed to work harder to get in better shape. Got so sick, with back pain that kept me from walking upright, spent 2 years and all my retirement savings plus bankruptcy. Turns out I was severely anemic from multiple auto-immune problems. "Multiple Connective Tissue Disorder" has me permanently disabled now, primarily from muscle weakness caused by polymyositis. My point is that you sound like I did, work harder and things will get better. You have a lot of good advice preceding this post, but make sure there isn't a disease process or injury causing your problems. Good luck.

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