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Nurses with Hemodialysis Access in place

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    Are there any nurses currently working as a floor nurse with a fistula or graft in place? I have also had a second surgery for superficializaiton of the vein. My fistula is in the AC and my superficialization incision was from my AC to my shoulder. I am currently off work post-surgery. I may not have to start HD for 4-6 months and was wondering if I can work in the meantime? My doctor seems unsure about the risks of heavy lifting, etc. If you have experience with this or work with someone who does, I would appreciate your comments. Thank youl.
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    No nurses working with an AV Fistula or Graft who are not yet undergoing HD? I am a floor nurse with a lot of lifting, stretching, you know, the usual. Just wondering what the limitations are....

    thanks in advance.
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    I'm an APN in a large nephrology practice. We usually have a 20 lb weight limit for the arm with an access in place. However, that said, many of my dialysis pts work full time and its been proven that those that do work, overall do better.

    I would presume that you are on the active transplant list? Is a living donor a reality? Thats the best case scenario.

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