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Hi all. It has been a while since I have posted. I have been a nurse for 14 years. Have tried everything from M/S to tele to teaching at the college level. I now work at a busy outpatient wound care... Read More

  1. by   afjgnp
    PS I should say no jobs in NY. All my children and grandchildren are in NY(except for one son an Air Force pilot in Afganistan, and one son leaving for army boot camp before thanksgiving.
  2. by   Nolee_of_Araya
    afjgnp we are in Whitesboro, NY, just outside Utica- where are you, if you don't mind my asking?
  3. by   afjgnp
    I have family in utica. I am orginally from Rochester, now living in Buffalo.
  4. by   afjgnp
    Quote from Marisette
    I'm so sorry to hear of your situation. I think someone with your experience and education would be an excellent case manager. I believe a long work history and education history signals older nurse to a potential employer. I wonder if removing some of the older experiences and some of the degrees would help. Of course, it would effect salary, but perhaps it may lead to a more favorable job that is more accomodating to your disabilities. I'm not sure if omiting the information is a good idea because employers typically perform background checks. Perhaps someone else can add to this.
    Thank you for this Marisette, but every job I have applied for as a case manager, I haven't gotten. Maybe because they are through insurance companies?
  5. by   jenn1970
    I am an RN with 20 years experience,diploma grad. I sustained an on the job injury to L4-L5, herniated disc. My doc advised me to leave bedside nursing for good. I've been looking for a job for 3 months and no one wanted to hire me-at least 50 or 60 resumes out(Also workmans comp denied). However, I just was hired as a case manager at a large teaching hospital here in the midwest. I was told that case management is the up and coming specialty for nurses due to the impending health care changes. You might want to look into hospital case management. I don't even have a bachelor's degree and I was hired.
  6. by   babynurse428
    It seems that hospital case management i a great thing in the midwest. I have a friend who got in with no experience. I have 8 years of experience here in Florida, and they are always interested until they get to the question of "Can you lift at least 50 pounds?"., I can't. Then it's bye-bye. Tried to fake it once but when I got to human resources I was required to pick up a box that had 50 pounds of weight in it, carry it across the room, and place it on the floor. I can't do that. I would be damaged and in misery. It seems to be a requirement here to be able to lift, even if the most you will lift is a pen! It really makes me mad because as long as I follow my personal rules and watch what I do, I am fine. I have nothing because I have to live with my father and because of his social security and small pension, I don't qualify for Medicaid or food stamps. They are forcing us to live off of his income. If I left or if he dies, I will be homeless. I continue to fight my way through Voc Rehab, but my counselor is worthless. I have to push him and lead him through everything! Why, when were injured in the line of duty, does the nursing community turn their backs on us so quickly?? Prayers for everyone!
  7. by   afjgnp
    babynurse: I agree with you. Why is it that the profession that cares can't care about its own. I am not supposed to be working either(MS, Crohn's disease, Thyroid Cancer, Hypoparathyroidism) but I do because my husband and I could not live. He is on SSD because of DDD and arthritis. Sure we could get medicare, but not medicaid. We owe the hospital about $800 alone for his colonscopy(medicare alone). Couldn't work my last job,A floor job(too stressful and was wearing me down). I have not worked in a clinical area since 1999. In New York if you wanted to be with case management, you have to have RECENT(within the last 5 years ) experience. I have over 100,000 dollars in student loans. Part of that is a HRSA Nurse Faculty Loan(you get 85% of your one loan[13,000 for me] if you teach at a four year RN program). I did, but I left thinking I could go back on disability. No. Now I have the college that got me the loan down my neck to pay back $100 a month for a year(so I can get another teaching position). I've tried talking to them. I haven't worked in 2 months. No money for rent,food,meds NOTHING. We will be homeless soon. And these jerks still want to do this until "you get another teaching position. There isn't any in upstate new york. If there is, they want you to have a PhD. Sure, let me take out MORE loans I can't afford to pay back when as in the words of my Gastro NP"It is only a matter of time before she is forced to go on disability. Sorry for the rant, but we ALL paid to go to school and now when WE need the help,all we get is doors slammed in our face. ANd if you can't work and are disabled why the blue blazes do you have to pay back student loans!!!!! Sorry guys. God bless and keep you all.
  8. by   cajunsue
    I am a nurse with 23yrs experience. I still have my license, but haven't worked in a year. I have Common Variable Immunodeficiency and Ankylosing Spondylitis. I had a craniotomy for a pituitary tumor in 2005 to have it removed. Basically my health is crap! Currently trying to get on disability, been denied twice, sent to
    a third party that could not come to a conclusion. Funny if I had Lupus or RA, I'd have been
    Approved by now! Anyway. I can't work anymore. I can't be around sick people (immunity disorder) and I can't move anyone (AS). So basically I'm screwed. My medical bills are thru the roof. I tried getting a case management job thru an insurance company & they won't hire me because I have no insurance experience. Don't think I could do the hospital CM, too much walking & on my feet. I really hope disability comes thru. I need it badly!!
  9. by   afjgnp
    I am so sorry. I hope you do get disability. Yes people have told me the same thing, get a job in case management (either through the hospital or insurance copanies. Maybe a Social security lawyer could help( they don't get paid until you get social security). God bless you, I wish you all the best!
  10. by   dthfytr
    I'm also disabled and trying to get work. Isn't it ironic that the system for helping the sick and injured is so prejudiced against hiring them? If you get SS Disability, after a waiting period you can get Medicare. A lot of this changing under Obamacare, and I hope it makes it easier for you and your husband. I hate this, but have you discussed with your husband divorce as a purely business and survival strategy. It doesn't mean you don't love and care for each other or live apart. You just need to work every angle to work the system to both of your benefits. I have Polymyositis (immune system attacking my muscles) and all my family and friends have drifted away over the past few years.
  11. by   afjgnp
    dthfytr: I am so sorry. Polymyositis is nasty. I am sorry you don't have family and friends either. Just A little story. My hubby and I met 25 years ago in Rochester NY(where I am from). We were both divorced and I had three small boys. We lived together and had a son(my 4th, his first and only). As an only child my parents didn't like him(they didn't like any of the men in my life). Between the ex's causing problems and my parents, we broke up. When I thought I would go back with him, my parents said if I did they would never have anything to do with me or my sons again(couldn't do that to the boys, they were great grandparents). I loved my hubby so much and never forgot him. He was the only one who told me that I could do anything i wanted, I was smart. He turned me on to nursing-told me of his experiences,how much he loved it(he didn't finish-another story). Anyway(sorry this is so long) two years ago our son(he was 21 at the time) wanted to meet his dad. We found him, he met his dad, and for use it was like no time had passed. We married in april 2011.
    Now I have suggested we divorce, he said no he would never do that. I said it would be the same. He said that he lost me once and wouldn't even take a chance. Another thing I found out, I guess many people have tried divorcing for economics. Social services makes sure you have been divorced for two years before they give you any help. If they found that you did just that,(which would be my luck) they have you do jail time.
    Also, my mom still speaks to me, my dad has completely turned his back on me.
    again sorry for the long post.
    Best of luck to you and God Bless.
  12. by   1hopefulChik
    Another option to consider: If you can't work, your federal student loans can be discharged if you have a permanent and total disability. Your doctor describes and attests to your illness on a simple form. The form is sent in and reviewed. Once approved, all federal loans are discharged BUT your income and student loan activities are monitored for 3 years afterwards to make sure you're not gaming the system.

    If you have federal student loans and a serious permanent disability, there is financial relief- if you do the simple paperwork.