LVN Student W/ ADD and Anxiety....HELP

  1. Hello All
    I am a bit nervous and have been trying to tackle my ADD/Bad time-management and Anxiety while I am still in theory. I start clinicals in close to two months and am soooooo nervous about keeping up with the rest of the class. Please if anyone has any pointers or tips for me, I would really appreciate it. My anxiety has gotten alot better but is still there. My major issue is the ADD, please help.
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  3. by   whtangl23
    I feel the same way. I'm in my first semester of nursing school and I was just diagnosed with ADD and anxiety. The doctor wanted to put me on meds but I drive 2hr to and from school a day I didn't want to risk it. however, I am having so many problems with studying, note taking and testing. I have talked with everyone at my college it don't seem like know one cares:smackingf. I am border line failing and I am sooooooo up set about it:angryfire. I have been in college for 3 years waiting to get in a nursing program. IDK I just feel so disoriented and beside my self all the time and sometimes I think some of my classmates think I'm retarded Idk if you got any response or any pointers or have found anyway's to deal with this issue if u have can you please email me?

    Thanks in advace
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  4. by   HM2VikingRN
    There are several good workbooks out there for ADD. As an ADD adult myself I know about the struggles.

    I would advise you to go to the learning center. Testing accomodations can definitely be made. Get into a good study group. (Trust me I made it a habit in my BSN to ask my more organized classmates about when assignments were due etc.) Also learn to use a PDA or outlook as an organizing tool. Get a good paper planner and write EVERYTHING down. Add brains have difficulty with filtering information so a planner is essential.

    Wishing you the best.
  5. by   whtangl23
    that sounds good but most of students in my class don't help others. i did go to the learning center to get help but i cant get those accommodations until next semester. i have only 1 test, last chance on math competency test and 2 finals (fundamentals & basic pharmacology) with all that i am scared that i wont pass. maybe you have suggestions on how to study for antimicrobial agents and what to study ( the meat of info) for finals. i think at this point i would actually pay for notes because i am a terrible note taker and even worst test taker. the nclex style questions gets me every-time, i can get the multiple-choice answers down to 2 then screw it every-time.
  6. by   thejoebear
    Look at getting proper medication for your conditions. MANY MANY nursing students are on meds for anxiety issues. And a certain percentage of ADD adults are on both ADD meds AND anti-anxiety meds. These meds assist many students to get through nursing school.
    Once on the job, the needs for Rx meeds can and usually does change/are not needed/ or are significantly reduced.
    Nursing school is its own period of HELL unlike most things you can go through in this life. You will have to take additional steps to complete nursing school due to your disability of ADD and Anxiety, trust me...
    You should speak to the schools ADA counselor or disability specialist so you can get some reasonable accommodations made so you can be a successful student...
    . DO THAT NOW!!!! IT CAN TAKE TIME, AND SOME SCHOOLS ARE NOT REAL HELPFUL... YOU MIGHT HAVE TO BE VERY DIRECT OR GET A DR. INVOLVED IN YOUR ADD situation and your schools reasonable accommodations being made for you.
    . It is amazing what a letter from a Dr. that has been working with ADD for a few years , especially with kids, can get done at a school in regards to getting reasonable accommodations made to help you succeed. These Dr.s know what to say in writing and usually the schools, (I have seen it done in undergraduate examples only though) stop being passive when they get this type of document. Good Luck

    PS, Note taking is something you should be doing as you are recording your classes, so you can type up more accurate notes later. based off the recording and not the chicken scratch that passes for notes taking in class by most ADD persons....
    Go get a digital recorder., they are cheap and small. Good Luck