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i just lost my job again because of my bad back! i was forced to resign (again). i'm so tired of this. it is hard enough for a nurse with back problems to find a job. i apply and apply and apply... Read More

  1. by   BlackieRN
    Brazuca- has your facility never heard of LIFTS. SARA, LIKO, HOYER,etc. No one should be carrying a pt from a bed to a chair!!
  2. by   DSkelton711
    I was on disability for 2 years, but I did get some better and I needed the money so I am back at work. Each day I have to nearly crawl out the door. Some days I am in tears. My employer does not see this. i try to hide it plus they are usually gone most of the day. I am scared I am becoming disabled again. Many things I do in my job, I was not told that I would have to do. I think that I would be fired for calling in, because in my bosses eyes "I don't see anything wrong with you." She does not get it because she is not a nurse and has never been in my condition. I wish you the best, and I can understand how someone could be fired, but quits instead.
  3. by   afjgnp
    I have MS (dx in 1998) went back to school for more education...Have an MS as a gerontological Nurse Pratictioner with a minor in nursing education.That that this was better. Shortly after I started teaching, started loosing weight and having constant GI problems. Ended up being crohns disease. Can treat the crohns because if you do (with a disease modifier) you make the MS worse. After being tired of being sick and tired thought I would go on SSD(again). I am married and my husband has DDD through the spine. Found out from SSD, and medicaid, we make too much with both of us on SSD to get medicaid and medicare won;t pay all of our medical expenses. I went back to the college and explained that I couldn't go back to SSD and could they please take me back. They wouldn't. They said I needed to rest and get better. I told them I needed to work. they said sorry. I now work in a clinic, that I hate, trying to lift, hoping I don't have a "brown accident" down both my legs and can't get to the BR. Had to get a physical, when they see what I have( MS, CD, thyroid cancer with hypoparathyoidism, they will get rid of me too. (I'm not fast enough, I don't lift enough, etc) Sorry to complain, but I don't know what to do either......