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i just lost my job again because of my bad back! i was forced to resign (again). i'm so tired of this. it is hard enough for a nurse with back problems to find a job. i apply and apply and apply for positions which i wouldn't... Read More

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    Do you know if there is a need for nurses to work overnight shifts? I am deff not a morning person, a true night owl! When I wake up, I am in extreme pain, not in my back, but my head. Where I used to work, one of my lovely co-workers decided she was going to be funny and threw ice at my head.

    For about 3 yrs I went undx'd and they finally dx'd me with Trigeminal Neuralgia because of the ice. The pain feels like someone is constantly punching you in the face, but seems to be better as the day goes on, just hate the waking up part.

    I wouldn't want any special treatment for this once I get into a job, but I did inquire about disability services at my school. This Tegratol is supposed to stop the pain. I just need my neurologist to listen to me and hear me out because it's not helping. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that he's a neuro, but when a med doesn't work, it's time for a change!! The narcotic pain pills that I'm on do nothing for it and I'm getting off of those. Just forgot what life was like without this terrible pain and now the WC is so slow.

    It's funny how you can be one of the best employees, till you get injured by a co-worker! Blah. I'm better off not being with that company. I want a company that sets high standards.

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    I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I have been having really tough times. Thank you everyone for the support and understanding. I have been out of work since that job forced me to resign (July 2009). Well, let me rephrase that, I haven't had a full time job since July 2009. I worked for an agency doing flu shots in October 2009 for 5 or 6 shifts. But that's it. I haven't been able to find anything at all. I applied for unemployment, but was denied due to "I didn't make enough money in the quarter" or something of that nature. Right now I am on public welfare, which really sucks, but the health benefits are excellent. In the meantime, I applied for SSD/SSI and was denied - I have since acquired an attorney to appeal that decision. But even through all of that, I still have been applying for jobs - non-lifting or very little lifting jobs - and I still have not been hired. I have such a wonderful family that is very supportive. I live with my parents because I cannot afford to live an my own. I am single and have no children. I am currently looking at Universities to do RN to MSN for nursing education. But there is a problem with that too. If I am a full time student, I will lose my welfare benefits. Life just sucks right now, but I am still hanging on!

    Sorry this post was so long!
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    actually babylady, i too have been let go because of my back...twice. i have had 3 back surgeries. the company stated that they felt that i could no longer perform the physical requirements of the job and that it would be a major liability to keep me working in an icu where i often perform heavy lifting. they still let me go even after i was cleared by neurosurgery. i spoke to a lawyer about it. they told me i had no case at all if the hospital felt i did not meet the physical requirements of the job. the lawyer also said the hospital was not required to accept a letter from a neurosurgeon whom was not their own. so lecavalier4 , i understand where you're coming from. it's an unfair situation and people are so judgmental and have nothing better to do than assume you're faking it or whatever. what they should be doing is taking care of their patients and minding their own business. i bust my butt at work, am charge nurse often, and have earned my ccrn and cnrn. i am on two committees. i feel like nurses are so mean to each other sometimes!
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    SS will turn you down the first time..good luck!
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    Quote from lecavalier4
    Excuse me, but I have had 3 major back surgeries, I do not do things out of work that I cannot do at work. I have a weight restriction and I abide by my weight restriction in all aspects of my life. I am offended that you would even insinuate that that could be a reason I lose my jobs. I also decided to resign because I do not want a termination on my employment record. It is nurses like you that make it hard for us nurses who have disabilities, you treat us as though we are worthless and that we are liars. I am very hurt by your post and angered by it.
    Lecavalier4, I know it may be hard to view the post as some advice and criticism, but try to be introspective. As nurses, we all deal with those that milk otherwise not life-threatening injuries that impact all of us as a team. We are forced to pick up their slack and oftentimes to pick up their shifts when there are call outs.

    Babylady posted her experience, which we all know EXACTLY what she's talking about and makes good points about resigning takes away your rights for seeking unemployment. Why wouldnt' you ask for reasonable accomodations prior to getting to the point of resigning? It would seem that you would have been willing to continue to work within your restrictions. Am I wrong? Babylady was only trying to provide some information so that you could do some self-reflection. On this board, it's not important to be PC, but to be truthful and sometimes we, as humans, do not want to see what is right in front of us. That is not to discount your back injuries and back pain, but there are many of us in pain that push through it within reason and ask for help for other things that are outside of our comfort. People should really try to leave anger off of posts on the internet. Babylady was not attacking you.

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    Posts should go to inactive, perhaps, if no one has posted from the original thread in 6 months or so. It's difficult to tell if it's active at all in a productive way.
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    Brazuca- has your facility never heard of LIFTS. SARA, LIKO, HOYER,etc. No one should be carrying a pt from a bed to a chair!!
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    I was on disability for 2 years, but I did get some better and I needed the money so I am back at work. Each day I have to nearly crawl out the door. Some days I am in tears. My employer does not see this. i try to hide it plus they are usually gone most of the day. I am scared I am becoming disabled again. Many things I do in my job, I was not told that I would have to do. I think that I would be fired for calling in, because in my bosses eyes "I don't see anything wrong with you." She does not get it because she is not a nurse and has never been in my condition. I wish you the best, and I can understand how someone could be fired, but quits instead.
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    I have MS (dx in 1998) went back to school for more education...Have an MS as a gerontological Nurse Pratictioner with a minor in nursing education.That that this was better. Shortly after I started teaching, started loosing weight and having constant GI problems. Ended up being crohns disease. Can treat the crohns because if you do (with a disease modifier) you make the MS worse. After being tired of being sick and tired thought I would go on SSD(again). I am married and my husband has DDD through the spine. Found out from SSD, and medicaid, we make too much with both of us on SSD to get medicaid and medicare won;t pay all of our medical expenses. I went back to the college and explained that I couldn't go back to SSD and could they please take me back. They wouldn't. They said I needed to rest and get better. I told them I needed to work. they said sorry. I now work in a clinic, that I hate, trying to lift, hoping I don't have a "brown accident" down both my legs and can't get to the BR. Had to get a physical, when they see what I have( MS, CD, thyroid cancer with hypoparathyoidism, they will get rid of me too. (I'm not fast enough, I don't lift enough, etc) Sorry to complain, but I don't know what to do either......

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