learning disabilities and finding the right place to do your nursing

  1. 0 I'm a 53 yr old nurse who just graduated last may (2005). I've always wondered if I had some form(s) of learning disabilities which have never been diagnosed. I have done well in school at times and other times have not. I seem to need a certain environment to excel. But not sure what that particular environment entails.

    I have recently tried working in critical care ICU and not done well. I am now on a medical floor (past 5 months) and still having difficulties. The people i'm working with now are very supportive and tell me It takes time to get organized. But i'm hating the fact that I still forget things that i need to give at report, or to tell others about particular patients. I just don't feel I'm on top of things. I feel the structure of the environment is not "right" for my brain. I can't seem to get and stay organized enough. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this and what they have done about it.
    Just wishing i could find a place to be where I would excel.

    Any feedback greatly appreciated.
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    Hi CRNA,
    I can definitely feel your pain. I spent years doing well in verbal skills (I speak 4 languages) but consistantly flunking math since third grade. I was 30 when I finally got tested and found out I have dyscalculia---a numbers processing disorder. I never thought I would get thru nursing school with that problem, but the Americans with Disabilities Act was a great help. If you have a disability, your school/work must provide reasonable accomodations for you. I highly recommend that you get tested. Also there is a web site out there for learning disabled nurses...I think it is called exceptionalnurse.com
    Good Luck!!

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