just been diagnosed with hep.c, can i still work??

  1. Help! I have just been diagnosed with hepatitis c, and i work in the ambulance service, if i tell work will they stand me down??
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  3. by   Rob72
    They used to be pretty consistent on that. If you're VAMC eligible, LMK (as in post "Yes!") & I'll send you some info on a study that to all evidence is curing Hep C.

    You might find something helpful here, as well: http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/re...=163&map.y=167
  4. by   dthfytr
    Are you symptomatic or just blood test + ? I got transfused back in 1977, abnormal liver test since, but never to the point of symptomatic illness. Tested Hep C + in 1990. Worked as a medic, then LPN, and RN for the past 25 years. Doc says my hep C is so stable that the current treatments are more dangerous to me! If you're not physically ill (most people have hep c for many years before they develop symptoms, IF they develop symptoms) get you a good gastroenterologist to follow your condition, don't use alcohol or other drugs. If you are symptomatic, follow the docs instructions. My Hep C has remained asymptomatic even though I take Immune suppressants for an auto-immune illness.