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Hi everyone, I know this is long and I'm sorry, but I'm really at the end of my rope and could use some advice. I injured myself last November '07 while working in the SICU (I was a Clinical Supervisor but took patients).... Read More

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    I injured my back 11/08 doing nothing strenuous, I was washing down a stretcher. Felt a stab in my low back. Got worse over the next hour, so I filled out an incident report, told my NM, and went to the ER for an eval per our hospital policy.

    The ER pried me with meds, and sent me home with a couple of days off. I followed up with my PHP, he felt I "sprained" my low back, put me on PT, lite duty etc... Didn't decide to order an MRI for 6-8 weeks. I wasn't getting much better. I have only two small herniations in my lumbar spine and two small buldges. My PT feels these herniations could have been bigger if he had done the MRI right away. Workmans comp is paying for everything, I managed to get "almost" back to full duty, when I made the mistake of trying to clean my house (yes, cleaning my house, doing dishes, changing my gradsons diaper, all kill my back) - all I did was dust bust the sofa, loveseat and chair, dusted the wood furniture, and washed the floors (mop) - dear GOD!! The next day I was in AGONY!! That was 1 week ago. For two days I was in severe pain. PT said all my lumbar disc's were "stuck" and "not moving" - I had significant spasm in the lumbar area, down into my buttocks that caused pain all the way down the back of my legs.

    I go back to work tomorrow. Moved back a stage to even lighter duty - already been told my employee health that as of this month "they won't be able to accomidate my restrictions" - which is BS - as I work in PACU, ASU and PAT's- and a nurse has to be floated to PAT's every day, which is basically a desk job (which I can handle).

    Any how, I have a workman's comp attorny, and my first hearing is the end of April.

    Employee health, and workman's comp nurse all feel "your back isn't that bad, you should be better by now" - well, that may be true, but so help me GOD, my back hurts 24/7 - just in varying degrees - good days and bad ones. I can't garden, clean my house, walk my dog, or take a walk with my hubby because of this "should be healed" injury.

    I can't take narc's for pain, EVERYTHING makes me nauseated. I use a TENS unit and celebrex. I'm about to lose my job, and my attorney doesn't do disability, I would have to get another attorney for that.

    Anyone have any words of wisdom? I take Lyrica (not much help) and Tizanidine (for spasms) helps a little. I'm on effexor and Seroquil - depression was a problem already, but kept in check with meds, obviously, the back situation has made it worse - working on it with Psyc.

    HELP!! Don't want to lose my house, and everything I've worked for. Can't really do anything but sedentary work, any suggestions?

    Blessings to all

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    How is everyone doing now? i am going through a workers comp case right now and I cant believe what is happening. If someone had told me that this could happen, I would call them a liar! I have posted my story already. but here is the basics:
    I had a herniated disk with osteophytes at C5-C6 and had a laminectomy and foraminotomy in Dec 2009.(this was not workers comp). I went back to work Feb at an ED. In March I was lifting a sedated and intubated patient that was very large back and forth to different stretchers, the CT , ICU bed, held leg to place Foley, etc and had a shooting pain go down my right arm. I went to the walk in care center as soon as my shift was over and filled out an injury form. The doc thought that it was a muscle sprain. Since then I have went to an ortho doc, my PCP, a neurologist and my original neurosurgeon NP and had physical therapy and finally the last neurologist ordered an MRI and it showed a large herniation at C5-C6. I had been having pain all along in my neck and back and now my right arm. I was pulled out of work in Sept2009 and have been out ever since dealing with Worker's Comp, unethical surgeon, I have l ost my job after 6 weeks of absence (even though they asked me to reapply after I get better) and I might end up living with this pain forever ( I am wondering if it is failed neck surgery syndrome). I will probably never be able to do direct physical patient care that requires any lifting. I am depressed and battle hoplessness. I cry every time I think about the fact that I may have to live with this pain forever. I keep saying :they cant just leave me like this" . I see another neurosurgeon on the 22nd to see what he recommends. The last one said that i needed a anterior diskectomy then when workers comp and my health insurance declined payment he said I didnt need it. i cant believe that this can be happening to anyone but especially nurses! Its disgusting, I know that its not meant to be this way, but I cant help but feel that we are seen as disposible. I feel chewed up and spit out. I hope you all have had wonderful, pain free recoveries. GOd bless.
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    Disgusting, isn't it?! It seems we all have the exact same story- with the same outcomes- constant pain and no support from our past/current employers. It was 10 years this week for me... and still 24/7 pain- it varies in degrees when I do nothing, and is 10/10 when I do try something. I have constantly/steadily tries to get my neck/back stronger during the past 2 years, with no progress. I still do PT/massage every week to 2 weeks and the PT said everytime I try to do something light I am like when he first met me. Yes, with the cost of things today, SS is no longer enough to live on. Then, SS and WC fight about who is responsible for tests/CT/MRI, so it doesn't get paid and your (mine) credit which was perfect is now in the bottom of the pits... We nurses certainly do seem to be 'throw-away'.

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