Hello to all nurses and nurses with disabilities!

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    I am a disabled LPN from a misdiagnosis of pertusssis. I have worked HARD for 28 1/2 years and now unable to maintain a good enough respiratory history to work past 12 weeks, therefore I am on SSDI.

    How do you feel about Docs who don't think out of the box, yet they rely on us to do just that?

    After the 35W bridge collapse I felt so anxious after the code orange was given, because all I could do was pray. Not help. This disability has given me a severe depression/anxiety disorder and I batte everyday. I am much better today than I was 6 yars ago. Can anyone relate?????

    Thank you so much Brian for remembering us. I look forward to chatting with any or all of you.

    Sharona 97:

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