Have YOU had a Total Knee Replacement?

  1. Wanting to talk to other nurses that had to have a TKR?

    I am a 43 yo that is 8 weeks post op and on medical leave until January. I am still having stiffness, swelling and some pain. Not as much pain as after surgery but enough that I am taking Vicodin in the morning and again in the evening (plus one prior to physical therapy appt on Mon, Wed, Fri). Wondering how others did with their surgeries.

    Just wanting to exchange experiences...

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  3. by   SWS RN
    Dear General,
    I posted a rather lenghty reply to your similar post on another thread. If you search for it you can find it. I have had both hips and both knees replaced. I have been able to work in a number of capacities. Check out my post and answer if you would like. sws